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How to make a toy for a cat? **2022 Newest Cat Toys!

Cat Toys, One of our cat’s natural, everyday needs is play. Cats are born hunters. In nature, they play hunting. The cat’s freedom is also essential for its proper development and behavior. Today I would like to show you how to make a cat toy?

I was playing with the cat.

Before presenting ideas for making a cat toy by yourself, a few words about the very essence of playing in a cat’s life. Everything has its source in the nature and hunting instinct of our cat. The main activities in nature are primarily: searching for prey, hunting, eating, sleeping. We satisfy its need to search for a victim and hunt by playing with a cat. Such imitation of hunting provides the cat with the appropriate psychological peace. We should also remember that we have to let the cat win, that is, for example, by playing with a fishing rod, let him catch the toy. It is best to give the cat something to eat after you finish, which additionally meets its behavioral needs. The cat hunts the toy, manages to catch it, then gets eaten, which translates as a hunted victim in nature.

Therefore, a very popular laser often used to play with a cat is not perfect. When a cat hunts for a red light, it may become frustrated that it cannot catch it.

Playing with a cat also has a perfect effect on the proper condition of the cat, and at the same time, we prevent a quite popular ailment, which is obesity in a cat.

How long to play with the cat?

We often wonder how much time we should play with our cat a day. Until the cat gets tired, we should not overheat the cat too much.

It is good practice to play with the cat 20-30 minutes before bedtime and then eat. Thanks to this rule, we can be sure that the cat will sleep through the night and will not wake us up at 3 am.

We need to watch our cat; sometimes playing once a day is not enough, especially for a young cat. Then we try to play with the cat as often as possible if it wants to.

Ideas on how to make a toy for a cat?

Catfishing rod

It is an ideal toy for a cat because cats mostly hunt birds in nature. A toy imitating the appearance and movement will perfectly meet the hunting needs.

To make such a fishing rod, we will need:

    • wooden or bamboo rod – approx. 50 cm
    • round rubber 3 mm
    • textile tape
    • 5 – 7 feathers 10 – 15 cm long
    • scissors

How to make a catfishing rod?

    • At the end of the elastic, we need to tie a knot.
    • Cut off 15 cm of the textile tape, then put it in a non-sticky layer on a smooth surface.
    • Glue the eraser to the outer edge of the tape, and then glue the feathers at short intervals
    • We roll the tape, first from the elastic side.
    • We take a new piece of textile tape to connect the elastic with the rod.
    • In the end, we check if everything is stable. If so, we can start playing.

Cardboard for a cat

How often do we come across when we order a shipment from the Internet, unpack, and our cat is just waiting to jump in and go crazy in the box. Why not use it to make an excellent cat toy ?

We will need:

    • a cardboard cover or a low cardboard box
    • scissors

How to make cardboard for a cat?

    • Cut holes the size of a cat’s feet in the lid or cardboard
    • Place the cardboard with the outer side facing the cat
    • We sit behind the holes, and with smooth movements, we extend and retract the fishing rod or some fascinating object for the cat through the holes. Such play positively affects the cat’s intuition because it never knows from which hole the “prey” will come out.

A toy for a cat made of rolls of toilet paper

One of those everyday things that we can use to make a cat toy is toilet paper rolls. One of the ways is the so-called pyramid.

We will need:

    • Ten rolls of toilet paper or kitchen towels
    • non-toxic glue
    • kitchen towel

How to make a cat toy out of toilet paper rolls?

    • In the beginning, in 7 rolls, cut one hole the size of a cat’s paw.
    • We glue the rolls together, creating something similar to a pyramid. We start with placing four rolls side by side. We must remember that the rollers with the holes are on the outside.
    • We press the places of gluing firmly.
    • We leave it to dry overnight, as the fresh scent of the glue may turn the cat away.

Playing with a cat is about hiding treats in rolls. Cat fun will be even more fascinating if we hide the treats only in some rolls or if we can cover some of them with paper. Such play is perfect for the cat’s intelligence.

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