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7 Dog Breeds for People Who Like Being Active!

Dog Breeds. The dogs most often chosen by runners are hunting and herding breeds. This means they have been bred to handle long distances and are enthusiastic about spending many hours outdoors. They are also focused on winning a prize – it used to be a hunt today, it is more a treat for the dog.

Before deciding which breed is perfect for you, take the time to think about your running preferences and choose a dog that fits your lifestyle. Remember that a dog is a long-term commitment, so consider that if you do not have the opportunity to run with your dog, you will have to ask someone to do it for you. It would help if you were ready to devote much attention and time to it.

Which dogs love to run?

What matters more than shape and size is proper training and training. Like humans, dogs of all shapes and sizes can run various distances with appropriate exercise, encouragement, and a diet of properly balanced dog food.

Dog Breeds

1. Australian Shepherd Dog

Dogs of this breed are known for their waterproof coat and excellent durability. This breed is designed to be outdoors, even all day long. They will adapt to any climate and, of course, after sufficiently long training, they will even run a marathon with you. They are brilliant and need constant stimulation.

2. Border collie

Border Collie has inexhaustible energy. They are very athletic and knowledgeable. They are the perfect companions for very active owners. They have a high tolerance for adventure activities such as ultrarunning, marathon training, and other endurance efforts. Their smooth double skin insulates them in high and low temperatures, but be aware that they are more prone to overheating if their color is black. These dogs are for those who have enough time to exercise and stimulate.

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3. Siberian Huskies

Huskies are outstanding running dogs. Snow-loving huskies can excel in hiking. They love being active, but they don’t take heat well. Considering their thick hair, huskies prefer a cooler climate, but you can, with some precautions, train with them successfully in the USA, also in summer. Maintaining adequate, preferably wet, food for your dog and proper hydration is essential.

4. Weimaraner

The high-energy Weimaraner hunting dog is a fantastic running dog. They have a short coat, lots of energy, and are incredibly friendly. Unlike herding breeds, the Weimaraner is very social and likes to be close to its owners, making it a great candidate for leash-free jogging.

5. Bottle

While it may come as a surprise to many people, Poodles can be excellent long-distance run dogs. Today, usually seen at shows, poodles have been used for centuries for military and police work. Originally bred to extract the game from the water, the breed’s name comes from the German word for a puddle. They are among the most intelligent species.

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6. German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd is considered a great dog because he is knowledgeable, loyal, and active. Sheepdogs have been used in the army, police, and search and rescue for many years, demonstrating the breed’s ability to improve itself in various demanding skills.

7. German Shorthaired Pointers

German Shorthaired Pointer is an excellent dog for active owners. Thanks to their hunting origins, they are durable and love long efforts. This breed is energetic, friendly, and eager to learn. As they are hunting dogs, they are likely to have a solid drive to chase prey (a neighbor’s cat, for example) that can be tamed with dedicated training.

It is important to remember that, whatever the breed of dog, you need to increase the distance gradually he travels from week to week by no more than 10%.

Dog Breeds 2022

Which dog breeds are not suitable for running?

As mentioned above, almost any dog ​​can become a runner, although the distance it runs will vary. However, breeds with short noses usually have breathing problems and should not be exposed to shortness of breath. This group includes Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers, Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, Pekingese, Mastiffs, and Males Shih Tzu.**

Small animals with short legs will naturally tire much faster, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do light jogging. The key is to monitor your dog while running and be alert to breathlessness signs. Then it is time to stop and rest. When choosing to run regularly, pay attention to what food you are feeding your dog – that it has the right amount of calories and the necessary nutrients.

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