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9 signs of overheating in a dog

When the weather outside gets more beautiful and sunny, we usually extend our walks with our dogs. Movement, of course, is very healthy for our animals and such a long walk has many positives. However, one should remember proper hydration and possible overheating of our dog. This article explains 11 symptoms of overheating in your dog.

Canine susceptibility to overheating

Dogs are slightly different from us humans and, contrary to appearances, maybe much more predisposed to overheating. Dogs have a much higher average body temperature and less ability to cool down. You can see this, especially when our dogs pant on warmer days.

While panting in dogs is one of the main ways to cool the body, it is not very effective. Overheating in a dog is very dangerous as it can quickly lead to irreversible damage to the body, e.g., damage to the brain, heart, liver, or nervous system.

Signs of overheating in a dog

  1. It increased body temperature.
  2. Weakness and collapse.
  3. Unconsciousness.
  4. Increased pulse.
  5. Seizures.
  6. Excessive thirst.
  7. Excessive drooling.
  8. Heavy or rapid breathing.
  9. Glass eyes.

How do you detect overheating in a dog?

A stroke in a dog is most often the last stage of overheating and, unfortunately, usually fatal. A significant increase in body temperature causes it. However, it often happens in dogs by irresponsible keepers, e.g., in a hot and sunlit car. Even a moment of inattention can be disastrous here. It does not have to be the middle of summer, and such accidents can quickly happen at the turn of the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Keep in mind that your dog’s body also needs to get used to the changing weather.

Other factors that cause a dog to overheat maybe lack access to drinking water, overexertion, and obesity.

Certain breeds of dogs are more predisposed to overheating. We are talking about brachycephalic dogs, i.e., a flattened face. Older dogs, sick dogs, and puppies are also more prone to overheating.

What to do if your dog is overheated?

In a situation where our dog overheats, you should react very quickly. We should first move our pet to some cool place; it may be an air-conditioned place. The main thing is that the dog is in direct sunlight.

If the dog is conscious and responsive, give him a little water and check his body temperature if possible. If the body temperature is 40 ° C or less, still give your dog a small amount of water. Too much must not immediately, as this could lead to vomiting and further dehydration. Even if the dog starts to improve, a visit to the vet is necessary. First, contact your veterinarian and describe the situation.

If the dog is unresponsive, unable to stand, or has convulsions, this may already be a sign of the dog’s onset of heatstroke. It is where the support of other people will come in handy. First, check that your dog is breathing and has a palpable pulse. The second person should urgently contact a veterinarian and inform them about the situation during this time.

First, start cooling your dog’s body down with chilled towels or running cool water when you suspect a stroke. The water should not be icy, as this can shock the body. Focus your attention on cooling the dog’s body parts such as the head, neck, front and hind legs. Remember that you should not force your dog to drink it, leading to gasping.

After the body temperature drops below 40 ° C, you should immediately go to the veterinary clinic.

How can I prevent my dog ​​from overheating?

  • Never leave your dog alone in a parked car, especially on warm and hot days. The car can heat up very quickly, up to a temperature that is dangerous to the life and health of an animal. Remember that leaving your dog in the car with the window ajar is not an option. A tilted window does not prevent the car from heating up. Leaving the dog in a hot car is strictly sanctioned and may be fined, and passersby seeing the threat may break the glass in such a car without consequences to save the animal.
    It is better to leave your dog in a quiet and shaded house with current access to drinking water on hot days.
  • Avoid walking on a paved and heated surface. Walking on hot pavement can very dangerously burn your dog’s sensitive paws. Burning is not the only danger, as the heating up of the feet can very quickly lead to overheating of the whole body and even to a dog’s stroke. Also, do not let your dog lie and rest on hot surfaces for too long.
  • Always have drinking water available for your dog. It is essential, especially during walks, because the dog can also become dehydrated quickly apart from overheating.
  • Try to plan your walks in the more excellent parts of the summer day. The best time will be early morning and evening. If you decide to walk during the day, try to spend most of your time in the shade and not overdo it with your pet’s training and physical activity. Even on cloudy summer days, too much exercise can overheat your dog.

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