American Leopard Hound ( Breed Facts and Information 2022 )

American Leopard Hound: The American Leopard Hound is a breed of hunting dog in the United States. It is a component of the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service. This breed has a history of being employed for hunting and scenthound duties. For many people, it is an excellent choice due to these attributes. Read on to learn more about this unique dog! And don’t forget to check out our article on the breed’s origins and health. You’ll be glad you did.

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Breed characteristics

The American Leopard Hound is a recognizable breed of hunting dog in the United States. The United Kennel Club recognized the breed as a scenthound and is currently listed in the American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service. Here are some characteristics to know about the American Leopard Hound. AKC Foundation Stock Service:

American Leopard Hound


The American Leopard Hound is a multitalented dog known for its excellent hunting abilities. It is a perfect treeing dog and can follow cold scents. It responds well to a hunter’s instructions, and its intense yearning to please makes it an excellent hunter. It has great stamina and is exceptionally hardy, which makes it an ideal companion for the outdoors. Origins of the American Leopard Hound


The overall look of the American Leopard Hound is very pleasing. It stands between 21 and 27 inches tall and weighs between 35 and 70 pounds. The head is broad and long, with a deep-set muzzle and floppy ears. Its eyes are brown, golden, or blue, and its fur is splotched. The American Leopard Hound is a brilliant dog that is easy to train. There are no breed standards for the American Leopard Hound.

American Leopard Hound


While the American Leopard Hound has few common ailments, some conditions are a cause for concern. Merle Leopard Hounds can be prone to hearing and vision issues. It is because of a recessive gene, which means both parents must be Merles. The gender of a Leopard Hound isn’t much different from that of a Catahoula Leopard Dog. The male may be slightly larger, but there are no behavioral differences.


The American Leopard Hound is a playful, intelligent, and friendly breed that is great for families with young children. This breed has a long history of working as hunting dogs in North America. Although this breed is friendly, it does have some potential temperament problems. In addition to being intelligent, the American Leopard Hound has a high tendency toward mouthiness, which can be remedied with good training. Here are some tips for training your American Leopard Hound.


An all-purpose tree dog, the American Leopard Hound, can thrive in homes of all kinds, from urban to rural, thanks to its high energy level and high stamina. While it can withstand cold and wet conditions, this breed does best in homes with large yards. Despite the breed’s active lifestyle, the American Leopard Hound will bond with its owner immediately and is well suited for households of all kinds.

Care for an American Leopard Hound

The American Leopard Hound is a medium-sized dog with deep roots in Mexico. This breed is known for its soft, loyal personality and valuable traits. Here is some information to help you care for this unique breed. Read more about this breed’s history, grooming requirements, and personality traits. You can also learn how to train this breed to live with other dogs. Taking care of this breed is more straightforward than it might sound!

American Leopard Hound


If you’re considering getting an American Leopard Hound puppy, you’ve come to the right place. This breed is ideal for both families and apartment dwellers. This breed is easy to train and groom, but it still requires a large amount of commitment from its owners. It needs lots of space to run and play and a three-cup serving of high-quality dog food daily. Be sure to limit the number of treats your puppy gets to prevent overeating.

Purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder is the best way to ensure a healthy and happy dog. Although the American leopard hound is a non-aggressive breed, it is still sensitive to strangers. They may exhibit antisocial behavior if they’re not exposed to other dogs and animals from an early age. Taking time to meet the parents of your new puppy will also give you a better idea of their personality.

American Leopard Hounds are designed for agility and speed. They have drooping ears and long, slender legs. Their thin, dense double coat comprises a fuzzy undercoat and a rough outer layer. Colors vary, but generally, the American Leopard Hound is medium-sized. Its long legs and strong hindquarters make it a durable dog, able to cover rugged terrain and climb trees with relative ease.

The American Leopard Hound breed standard has goals and purposes for breeding. It is intended to guide breeders and judges in selecting healthy dogs. It also has strict requirements for proper health, so it is essential to avoid breeding merles. Merles can lead to hereditary issues. By ensuring your puppy meets these criteria, you’ll have a well-behaved dog ready for the life you’ve been dreaming of.


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People also ask - FAQ

The American leopard hound and the Catahoula leopard dog differ significantly, despite certain similarities (such as the potential for a spotted coat). The largest of the two, the Catahoula, belongs to the herding breed, whereas American leopard hounds are hounds.

The health and hardiness of American Leopard Hounds are excellent. But because they are uncommon, breeders might not be aware of any conditions to which they are predisposed. The health issues that have been reported are listed below, so keep these in mind when getting or taking care of an American leopard hound.

The American Leopard Hound has a unique appearance, despite having been bred more for practicality and usefulness than for beauty. When purchasing from a breeder, you should prepare to spend up to $800 or $1,000 for a Leopard Hound puppy.

The breed is particularly protective of youngsters and is caring and affectionate toward its family. One of the first tree dog breeds in the United States, American Leopards have extraordinary tracking skills and can frequently follow their prey for miles.

The Catahoula developed in northern Louisiana close to Catahoula Lake and was given its name after a Choctaw Indian word for "holy lake." They most likely resulted from crossbreeding between native canines and the Bloodhounds, Mastiffs, and Greyhounds that Spanish explorers introduced to the region.

The Catahoula Leopard Dog is very affectionate with its family, but if it is not socialized from a young age, it may be suspicious of strangers. Catahoulas are good watchdogs since they are protective of the family. Although this breed is not violent, it is a natural leader like other herding breeds.

The American Leopard Hound has a canine-like odor and is not a hypoallergenic breed.

A hybrid between the Australian Shepherd and Corgi, typically the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, results in the mixed breed dog known as the Auggie. These mixed-breed herding dogs are amiable, energetic, and fun around the house.

Because they are a kind and social breed, American Leopard Hounds get along well with kids of all ages. You must, however, continue to allow small children to play softly. These dogs are pretty hardy and can withstand scorching and frigid temperatures.

The typical lifespan of a Catahoula dog is 10 to 14 years. In light of this, a dog's lifetime can be influenced by various elements, including nutrition, exercise regimen, general health, and living conditions.

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