Aquarium Sharks

The unique-looking freshwater shark can add a little excitement to your aquarium. These fish are known for creating a lot of motion with their unusual movements, gliding in vibrant schools, and creating more action. Before introducing fish to your aquarium, make sure you do some research.

This article contains some helpful advice about freshwater aquarium sharks that you may want to consider adding to your aquarium.

White Tip Shark Catfish

This freshwater aquarium shark is sleek and has a head shaped like a catfish. The white tip shark is a calm fish and cleans up the tank regularly. The white tip shark catfish can live in fresh, salty, or brackish water. This shark is best kept together and should not be kept alone. Whitetip sharks thrive in temperatures between 78 to 82 degrees.

Rainbow Shark

You should limit the number of these sharks in your aquarium to one fish. They can become cranky if they are around other sharks. Rainbow sharks will need tubes to get in and out. The tail and fins of these light-colored freshwater aquarium fish sharks are a raspberry-orange color. The rainbow shark is vital but can be pretty aggressive with sharks. However, they will tolerate other fish and are good friends.

Red Tail Shark

This shark must be able to see a pipe, tube, or cave to feel happy. It can reach as high as 5″. Like the rainbow shark, red tails should not be mixed with other red-tail sharks. The red-tail shark is a combination of a gray bottom and body. It does not like sharks. Water temperature for red tail sharks is between 76 to 80 degrees.

Bala Shark

Even hyper, Bala sharks can be even temperate. Balas need water temperatures between 78-82 degrees. This shark will thrive in large tanks with an external filter. This shark is silver-colored with a black tail and fins. Bala sharks can be added to your tank for a vibrant group of gracefully swimming fish.

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