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Avian Flu Hype-It’s Just For Birds

You will hear much about the “bird flu pandemic,” which is expected to cause havoc in many parts of the globe and possibly lead to fatalities. It is said that vaccinations are necessary to “protect ourselves against the coming catastrophe.”

Are all these Bird Flu hoaxes a hoax? Or the “Real Deal?” It is the reason it’s called “for birds.”

Many health professionals, including Dr. Sherritenny from Cleveland, Ohio, disagree with this hysteria.

You can see her incredible research skills on health topics from her website. Her books, CDs, and DVDs have educated us on vaccinations, medical advances, and controversies.

She explained that H5N1 is the Avian virus Scientists are most concerned about and that migratory birds may be responsible for it being transported to different countries.

There are reports that this virus may have killed 100 people worldwide, possibly due to inflammation of lung tissue. According to them, this virus could be transmitted from human to human, which has never happened with this particular type of virus, and an epidemic may result.

It is impossible to know the actual migratory patterns for bird species, nor have reported outbreaks coincident with birds arriving at specific places.

1) The pharmaceutical companies as they stand to make billions off vaccines, drugs, and their products.

2) Global poultry producers will withstand mass slaughters by their massive flock of factory-farmed genetically-modified chickens. Small farmers will go out of business, and “Big Guys” will dominate the global poultry market.

3) Political leaders will take advantage of this hysteria to control entire companies, create mass vaccination programs, and establish a police state responding to the pandemic. Would further weaken the U.S. Constitution.

During her investigative research about vaccinations from the government, Dr. Tenpenny discovered that the Center for Disease Control wrote a plan for increasing flu shot sales in 2004.

The Plan was called the “Seven Steps Recipe to Generate Interest in and Demand for Flu Vaccinations.” It recommended that TV and printed media be used to make people believe the flu is dangerous and that they could survive by getting flu shots.

A crowd of angry seniors informed that their flu vaccine supplies had almost run out in 2004 and were ready for rioting.

They were brainwashed through TV advertisements telling them they needed to get the shots. Or they wouldn’t be able to survive flu season. (Balderdash!)

What do you think the government does with magazines, radio, and television to influence our minds? American citizen, reconsider.

The Plan did not work in 2005, and no one was waiting in line for their shots. To get more people to sign up for vaccines, the CDC used bird flu to excite the public and encourage the government to spend money on preparedness in case of a pandemic.

Unbelievable. Yet, it is. Peter Sandman was an “expert” who wrote the “Ten Step Plan,” which outlines our government’s preparedness for pandemics and how to respond when they occur. It is intended to raise public awareness and create fear about the bird flu. Scary, isn’t it!

The best part is Dr. Tenpenny’s 10-Step Plan. He says it will “protect the American public from the pandemic.” Some examples follow:

The “10 Step Plan’s Second Step” states, “don’t be afraid of frightening people. Make sure they are all excited. Get them scared.

The fifth step is to “give people something they can do.” Fear does not suffice. After being emotionally triggered by the threat, they must do physical things. They need to be vaccinated!

The 4-Fold Plan to Health for Individuals is here:

1. Strengthen your mind. Be aware of the propaganda you are being fed. Do not panic or fear.

2) Fortify your Body against any virus. Dr. Joseph Mercola recommends getting enough sleep to keep your body healthy. He also believes deep sleep is suitable for your immune system.

A healthy diet and lifestyle can help increase your stamina and protect you from germs. Exercise gives you energy and strengthens your immune system.

It is essential to wash your hands frequently. It is necessary to eat lots of garlic. Natural supplements are a good option. Keep your focus on health.

2) Protect your information. BE SELF-Evaluated. Examine issues. You don’t have to believe everything said on the radio or read in magazines.

Too often, our propaganda deceives people into following their lead. Learn who is going to benefit from these issues. Always follow the money trail if you’re unsure of what is happening.

4) Increase your Faith. In these end times, the Scriptures tell us not to be fooled. This period is marked by massive, brassy deception, even if your Bible isn’t in English.

Bird flu hype exists only to benefit the birds. A case cannot be made for something by continuously using the term “supposedly” and considering theories to be facts.

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