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The Balinese-Javanese Cat:  In 1979, the Javanese-Bali cross became a recognized breed. They resemble Javanese and Siamese cats in appearance. However, there are some significant distinctions between them. Read on to find out the differences. This article also discusses what distinguishes the two cats. And if you can’t decide between the two, try reading these interesting facts about the Javanese.

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Balinese-Javanese is a Siamese

If you are looking for a new feline companion, you should consider getting a Javanese cat. The two breeds are virtually indistinguishable. While the Javanese is known for its large ears and triangular head, the Siamese is known for its muscular body and long, thin legs. Like the Siamese, Javanese cats walk on tiny oval paws.

The Siamese has four pointed colors similar to those of the Balinese. They are both long-haired and have a large, fluffy tail that resembles an ostrich plume. It may need to be brushed often to keep dirt and debris from getting on the fur. The Javanese has a medium-sized body and is a fast-paced breed. The Javanese weighs between five and 10 lbs.

The Javanese’s coat is soft and silky, and the hair is approximately two to three inches long on the body and longer on the tail. The skin does not require excessive grooming, though it does need to be brushed now and then to remove dead hairs. Regular brushing will keep your Javanese coat clean and help prevent odor. Brushing your cat’s teeth will also prevent stinky pet breath. Use a cat-safe toothbrush and toothpaste to brush its teeth.

The Siamese cat originated in Thailand. It is a descendant of the Annamese cat, which is thought to have sprung from interbreeding between a Birman and an Annamese. It was named “Vichien Mas” in early descriptions, and its colorpoint pattern is most extreme on the Seal Point Siamese. In 1793, a naturalist named Pallas visited Southern Russia and discovered an engraving of the Siamese cat.


Javanese is a Balinese

There are two distinct tuning systems in Javanese music: slendro and pelog. Slendro is a system of five pitches per octave, while pelog is a system of seven notes per octave. Pelog is generally used in five instrument compositions and is slightly different from slendro. Pelog also has different intervals than slendro, so Western ears may sometimes hear the music out of tune. Nonetheless, both tuning systems are interrelated and often used in the same composition.

Gamelan, the traditional music of Bali and Java, is played in ceremonies and on other occasions. It is accompanied by a gamelan, a type of drum. Shadow puppet shows are performed in tandem with the gamelan, played in various rhythms. Balinese gamelan is completed considerably more quickly. Instruments made of bronze and metal are used in both styles. The gamelan is played by a group of musicians who play various devices, including bamboo flutes and string instruments.

Gamelan music is the most common type of traditional music played in Java. Balinese gamelan is much more prevalent in the West than Javanese gamelan. Javanese gamelans often share some traits with their Balinese counterparts but are not as common as those in Java. In addition to these similarities, Javanese gamelan has active composers. Some of these composers have created new styles and ensembles of music.

The difference between a Balinese and a Javanese cat is so slight that some people confuse them. In reality, these two breeds are not that different, but there is a fine line between them. However, some associations, such as TICA, are still split between the two. Regardless, both types of cats are nearly identical and overlapping. Ultimately, this means a Javanese cat is a good choice for you.

The dances in Javanese are very different. The male dancers in Javanese dance are less rigid than their male counterparts. The male Javanese dancers are less concentrated but still exhibit a distinct, unique style. A Balinese dancer will be able to impress anyone. For most people, the male dancers in Javanese dance are more reserved and understated, whereas a Javanese dancer will display a more fluid and refined performance.

balinese javanese cat
Balinese-javanese cat

Balinese-Javanese Cat Characteristics

If you’re considering adopting a Javanese cat, there are a few things you need to know about this feline breed. As with any other cat, this breed is amiable and can get along with children, but it’s important to supervise young children around cats. Javanese cats are also known to form attachments to a particular family member. They may sleep with you or watch your every move, a common occurrence among them.

The Javanese breed of cat shares its history with the Balinese cat, but it was not named after the island of Java or Bali, despite its name. The name came about as a result of the romantic ring that it carries. These cats were developed by breeding the Balinese and the Colorpoint Shorthair cat breeds, which are both Siamese types. The resulting hybrids are known to have longer coats and non-basic colors. The CFA recognized the Javanese breed in 1987. Its coat length is longer than most breeds, and its muscle strength is solid and firm.

A Javanese cat is very talkative. They tend to follow you around, and chirp but are less demanding than their Siamese cousins. They will play with toys and enjoy quality time with you. The Javanese cat will play, climb trees, and generally keep busy. They can learn new tricks from humans, which makes them a perfect pet for children and adults alike. So if you’re looking for a new companion, you’ve come to the right place!


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Cats from Java and Bali are essentially long-haired Siamese. Their colorpoints, which contrast with their cream or white bodies, distinguish them the most. These are the hues on their ears, faces, paws, and tails. Both breeds have loving, vibrant personalities that will improve your life.

It may be challenging to locate a Javanese kitten because they are rare, but a skilled breeder may charge between $1,500 and $2,500 for one.

A Balinese kitten with a typical pedigree from a middle-tier breeder might cost between $650 and $800. Balinese kittens from reputable breeding farms with strong pedigrees cost above $750 and frequently up to $2,000. These prices are for cats fit for competition.

The gregarious and energetic Javanese is an excellent choice for households with kids and canines who get along with cats. He can play fetch just as well as any retriever, picks up new tricks quickly, and enjoys the attention of kids who are kind to him.

The Javanese cat breed has a fantastic attitude and an elegant Siamese physique. This lap cat's deceptively fluffy coat conceals a very muscular body.

They'll have thin legs and a torso. Their eyes will be slanted, with huge, pointed ears on top of their wedge-shaped head. Compared to Siamese cats, Balinese cats frequently have longer bodies. They might look leaner and more athletic than Siamese cats.

Due to their low levels of shedding, low dander production rate, and lower levels of Fel d1 production when compared to other cats, Javanese cats are regarded as hypoallergenic. They are thought to produce the least feline D1 of any cat species.

There is no undercoat; the Javanese has a silky, medium-length single coat. With a weekly brushing, the skin sheds very little and is simple to maintain.

In actuality, picking the perfect pet for you doesn't depend on the sex of the cat. Although male and female cats exhibit certain behavioral variations as they mature from kittens to adults, a cat's genetics and environment significantly impact how well the two of you will get along.

Although they can be gregarious and vocal, Balinese cats are generally quieter than Siamese cats. They enjoy playing with toys and are physically fit and active. They get along nicely with kids and other animals, making them perfect for households that already have pets.

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