Best Fish Locator Reviews of 2022 – The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect One For You

The device we’re referring to is not a fish-locator but a depth locator. While most anglers use a depth locator, many fishers don’t know how to use it and cannot interpret the information on the screen.

Two fish locators are used in most bass boats: one mounted in the dash (often a flasher unit) and one mounted on the trolling engine. Most anglers use the flasher to run new water on a lake or in low water conditions. This may sound familiar? You are missing out on lots of valuable information.

Introduction & What Are Fish Locators?

This trick was not something I learned until quite a while ago. You might be surprised if you accidentally turn on your flasher unit while you’re running to your favorite fishing hole. You can set the sensitivity to your flasher unit, so you have a live view of the bottom and find any humps or submerged moss bed you didn’t know existed. You can see the depth at which most fish are located if you use a flasher unit with high speed. This little trick allowed me to find many humps on Lake Ouachita that I didn’t know existed and gave me more places to fish.

How to Choose the Best One for You

TIP: You can find a new hump by using a GPS Plotter if you have the funds. If not, you can use a handheld GPS unit to get the coordinates. You can then take your handheld GPS unit with you and locate the hump at any time.

Proper installation is vital. The boat manufacturer or the dealer usually installs In-dash flashers. It should work fine. We will be discussing the LCD unit you purchased to mount on your trolling motor.

Fish Locator 2022

3 Essential Things to Consider when Buying a Fish Locators

Let’s start by checking the condition of your current unit. In-dash units should be checked first. Is your transducer in the bilge area? Is your transducer located in the bilge and shooting through the boat’s hull? Are you sure it is mounted on the transom? To ensure the transducer is tight, check that the cable is still in good condition. There should be no nicks, scrapes, or rubbing on any metal that could cause the wire to fray or become brittle over time. Is the transducer still securely glued to the boat’s floor for installation through the hull? If you have a transducer mounted on the outside of your boat, make sure to check for missing screws or loose screws. Also, ensure that the mount is perpendicular to the hull. The transducer should be straight up and down. Otherwise, your signals won’t be accurate. This type of installation works best with a puck-type transducer to drive through-hull units and a bullet-style transducer to mount transoms.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Fish Locator?

TIP: Make sure the transducer on the transom has a gimble mount. After each trip, make sure to check that it is pointed up and down. These mounts can be “kick-up” if you hit something or run into it.

The most commonly used transducer for trolling motor applications is the puck-shaped model. It is small and can be mounted easily with a large clamp. This transducer has a small footprint that allows it to be placed behind the trolling motor’s skag, protecting it from contact with underwater objects. Mounting the transducer should be perpendicular to the trolling motor’s centerline. After the transducer is mounted, you can attach the cable to your boat’s steering cable using wire ties. This will prevent the transducer cable from entangling in foliage or being ripped by limbs and stumps. Try to mount your locator and cable hook-ups as far away from trolling motor battery wires or outboard engine wires as possible to minimize electronic/electrical interference with the locator. While some interference is inevitable, it can be minimized with a well-designed setup. Interference can also be minimized by using an in-line fuse.

Conclusion & Other Useful Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Started

TIP: To get accurate depth readings, remember to add the distance between the transducer and the surface.

Once you have installed your locators, you should first READ the instruction manual. You will be able to familiarize yourself with all the buttons and features on your locator. Pay special attention to the menu, auto, sensitivity, and zoom buttons. These buttons can be adjusted and turned on or off. Learn the examples in the instruction manual. It is now time to test it.


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