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Bio Cosmetics for Cats **Natural Cat Products 2022!

Bio Cosmetics for Cats: The fashion for bioproducts is not only about people. Pets also have whole sets of such beautiful things that we can get in good pet stores, including, of course, in Kakadu. Biocosmetics have many advantages: they are natural, without unnecessary chemicals, are less allergenic, have mild plant fragrances, and by using them, we help the environment, and we are more sure that no animal has suffered during the production of such cosmetics. Biocosmetics for cats are currently a huge hit, and even if we think that you should not overdo the care of your purr, it is worth trying one or two. Of course – it is not worth using the whole mass of cosmetics, regardless of whether they are bio or not, because the fur coat will get tired and will not start looking better thanks to such care. Let’s use moderation and common sense. So how is it with these bio cosmetics for cats?

Biocosmetics for cats – what do they contain?

Biocosmetics, by their composition, is friendly to both animals and the environment. They do not contain any unnecessary preservatives usually. They are not artificially colored (each natural cosmetic is transparent or whitish, beautiful colors in this product result from dyes and thickeners). The absence of most chemicals means that such a product has less potential to be sensitizing. The amount of detergents and alcohol-based chemicals is also limited. As a result, such a cosmetic dries out and irritates the skinless.

So what can we find in bio cosmetics? First of all, plant extracts and oils. Most bioproducts are also vegan, which means they do not contain any animal substances.

Many of the bio cosmetics for cats contain soothing chamomile in a unique extract. In this product, herbal essences are essential and significantly affect fur skin and fur.

Biocosmetics for cats – an overview

This review will not be specific to specific brands but product types. There are more and more bioproducts for cats on the market, so we can decide which brand we like or trust the most. However, it is worth knowing what products we can find on store shelves.

  • Shampoos – this is an obvious classic. Every animal needs shampoo because sometimes it can get so dirty that there is nothing else to do but treat it to a bath. There are also purrs with oily skin (especially hairless breeds) and need to regularly. Bio shampoos are the same as the “regular” shampoos when it comes to the matter of choice: they are moisturizing, for kittens, for specific fur color, or for anti-hair loss. The selection is extensive.
  • Nutrients – these are also trendy products. The conditioner makes the hair less electrifying and arranged more nicely; it is not dry or matted. The best known and most commonly used conditioners are rinse-off conditioners, but we can also reach for a spray that you apply with your hands to slightly dry fur, or which is sprayed just like a human deodorant but all over the purr’s body. We can also meet the 2 in 1 version, i.e., shampoo immediately with conditioner.
  • Preparations for removing discoloration – tiny cats with light hair struggle with the problem of discoloration, which often appears around the mouth or neck and looks just like dirty hair. Thanks to good quality cosmetics, it is worth masking such discoloration and removing it. The set usually includes a special preparation (resembling an ointment or petroleum jelly) and a convenient application brush. There are also preparations in the form of foam.
  • Ear sprays and oils – although the purrs do not usually have drooping auricles (this problem mainly affects dogs), their ears also collect a lot of dirt and earwax, so it is worth cleaning them once in a while. We should never do this with sticks that into the ear! It is dangerous and will not help to get rid of the dirt. On the contrary, we will push it more profoundly in this way. We can choose foams, sprays, and drops among the bio cosmetics for ear care.
  • They can be mousse or spray. Work a bit like conditioners but are usually more specialized. They give shine, help to even out the fur color (especially in the case of light shades), prevent static or strengthen it.
  • Oil treatments – oils break records of popularity, so they also found their way to products for cats. We can use them as a care base, a kind of conditioner, or as a finish for care and styling. You should not overdo it with the amount because it will be counterproductive.
  • Perfumes – yes, they are also on the market of bioproducts for cats, but you need to know your pet very well even to consider such a purchase. Most cats will not withstand such a cosmetic, even if it is as natural as possible.
  • Soothing gels – They primarily soothe skin irritations, but there are also unique varieties for use, for example, on the eyes. We apply such a cosmetic to a specific place and wipe it with gauze or a cotton pad.

As you can see, the list goes on and on. Many bio cosmetics contain aloe vera, lavender, argan oil, olive extract, mink oil, and verbena extract.

Every day, a basic set is enough, all other cosmetics should be used only for special occasions, for example before an exhibition.


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