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Black Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale **2022 Newborn Puppies!

Black Golden Retriever is one of the most popular (according to official data) dog breeds in the world. It has also been at the forefront in the USA for many years.

Although the breed was created not to sit at home but to hunt as a retrieving game dog, Goldens is an excellent family dog. It was built in Great Britain from the end of the 19th century, most likely by crossing the previously known retrievers with spaniels, Irish setters, and bloodhounds. Officially, the name golden retriever has been around since 1920, i.e., over a century. And although the years fly, people still love goldens. (golden retriever german shepherd mix)

Charakter rasy Golden Retriever

As with any breed, we should remember that its characteristics are essential, but they only to some extent determine a dog’s character and behavior. The living conditions, upbringing, and the degree to which the needs are crucial. Golden Retriever is a dog belonging to the group of retrieving hunting dogs, so when deciding on such a friend, it is worth being prepared because he will need a lot of movement and play together in retrieving or carrying various objects – toys or balls. And goldens love fun and company of people. They are very lively and emotional. Golden, whose needs for exercise and companionship, is a cheerful and devoted friend of man.

Golden Retriever – how long is he alive?

Goldens are medium-large dogs, confirming that small breed dogs live the longest and the most prominent breed the shortest. Their average life expectancy is 10-12 years. Unfortunately, due to the enormous popularity of the species in the world (its peak was in the 1980s and 1990s) and the unsatisfied desire for profit by pseudo-breeders, the uncontrolled and inconsistent with sound breeding principles of reproduction led to the development of diseases that in golden may occur above average often. These include, in particular, hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, and eye diseases. Therefore, if you want to avoid the greater likelihood of these diseases in your dogs and enjoy their long life, choose a recognized and reliable kennel that cares about the health of your dogs.

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

Training and upbringing of Golden Retriever dogs

Goldens are excellent dogs for training and training. Because they love working with people and are very intelligent, they do very well in obedience training. A superb direction for these dogs is rally obedience training, nose work, or dummy. The latter sport is retrieving, for retrievers, i.e., rescue dogs. What counts in dummy is the ability to remember where a thrown object has fallen and the order in which contributions and cooperation with the guardian. Your Golden will love this activity.

Advantages and disadvantages of Golden Retriever dogs

Their bright colors – from white, through cream, to shades of gold (no, it does not exist Czarny golden retriever), long, softly falling hair that can make many people feel uncomfortable. The appearance is worth mentioning that golden retrievers come in two varieties – British (lighter dogs with a heavier build) and American (darker color and more delicate constitution). There is a cheerful and friendly disposition of golden people, their intelligence, and thus ease of learning among the undeniable advantages. One can appreciate their extraordinary willingness to cooperate with humans and great interest in him on the part of dogs of this breed. But beware, what is an advantage can become a disadvantage. If the friendly nature of golden people with too much stimulus, intrusive and too intense contact from people, they may behave too emotional and nervous. In turn, it leads to the dog, which, like a small steam locomotive, pulls to every person it meets, jumps, becomes excited, and has problems controlling the excess of emotions. It does not have to be this way, and this is because Goldens, also thanks to the above-average canine intelligence, are often companion dogs and work in rescue services or the police.

Who is the Golden Retriever dog best?

Golden Retriever is a dog for active people who like long walks sports and want to learn and train with their pet. Those who will devote a lot of their time and attention to him. I do not recommend this breed to people looking for a couch-like, phlegmatic cuddly toy – it is entirely incompatible with golden retriever training who likes movement and cooperation with people. Goldens are social dogs, open to people, very friendly to the world, which is why they often end up in homes full of children. Rightly, but it is worth remembering that a golden living in too much tension and exposed to constant and unrestrained jumping and hugging and kissing attacks of our children can become nervous and challenging to control dog.

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