Bombay Cat ( Bombay Cat Breed Profile 2022 )

Bombay Cat Facts: A black and sable shorthair, the Bombay Cat is an excellent choice for people who want a friendly, kitten-like cat. This breed requires lots of attention and is very friendly. Here are some facts about this beautiful animal. You can get one of these beautiful cats for your home with the help of this information. Also known as a tiger cat, it is the giant black cat in the Asian group.

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It’s a self-colored shorthair

The Bombay Cat is a self-coloring shorthair breed of cat. Nikki Horner developed it. She wanted a cat with the appearance of a panther but without the dark spots. She got her inspiration for the Bombay cat from Disney’s “Jungle Book.”

A Bombay cat is an easy-going and energetic breed that does well in lively households or apartments. Its voice is unique and recognizable. If you get a Bombay, you’ll likely find it in the warmest place in the house. You’ll want to entertain it with toys and interactive toys, as this cat is likely to get bored if left alone for long periods.

Bombay Cat

It’s a friendly cat

While Bombay cats are charming and curious, they should be kept indoors to minimize their risk of disease and injury and from getting into fights with other animals. This cat breed is considered healthy, but pet parents should monitor them carefully for any health issues. These cats may require weekly brushing and veterinary care, especially for their heart and respiratory problems.

A Bombay cat enjoys attention, so it’s a good idea to supervise children while playing with it. Because Bombay cats are pretty pleasant, they will enjoy playing with children and return the favor by giving them attention and affection. It makes them great pets for children, but it is essential to remember that you’ll still need to supervise their interaction with children. If you have small children, Bombay cats are also known to be a little aggressive, so take extra precautions to ensure they don’t get hurt.

It’s a kittenish cat.

The Bombay cat is a kittenish cat breed with a black, glossy coat and gold-to-copper eyes. Its short skin reflects a polished black shine and is compared to patent leather. This cat enjoys spending time with its parents and looks forward to grooming sessions. Like other cats, Bombays love attention and have short nails. Regular grooming is essential to the health and happiness of this breed.

These cats love attention and play well with children and other pets. Since Bombays are a kittenish breed, they should be socialized and played with from an early age. Although Bombays are a relatively healthy breed, they are prone to developing some health issues, such as a craniofacial deformity called Burmese head defect. Newborn Burmese kittens may have severely deformed heads. However, these problems will not occur if you choose a Bombay cat from a reputable breeder.

It requires lots of attention.

A Bombay cat needs lots of attention. They are very dependent on their owners and need human companionship. If left alone, they can become depressed and act out. If you plan to buy a Bombay cat, ensure you have a lot of time to devote to him. This friendly cat is brilliant and enjoys human companionship. The Bombay cat will also turn his head to get a special treat!

The Bombay Cat can be a good pet for families with young children as an indoor cat. Because they enjoy spending time with humans, this breed is excellent for children. They are very affectionate and will seek attention from everyone in the household. While young Bombay cats love to play all day, older cats prefer lounging and need a lot of attention and affection. While the Bombay cat does not shed much, they need attention and one-on-one time.

It sheds a lot

The Bombay cat has an incredibly long coat that can be difficult to clean, which is why it’s so popular for households with allergies. Despite this, Bombays are generally very well behaved in domestic situations and don’t shed much. They’re also naturally hypoallergenic, but it’s still important to brush Bombays weekly to keep them looking clean and healthy.

While the Bombay Cat’s coat doesn’t shed much, it does require frequent brushing to remove dead hair. The Bombay cat’s coat needs brushing regularly, but it’s not as heavy as other black cats. Bombay cats are generally healthy but can develop health problems such as high tear production in the eyes and heart conditions. If you’re considering adopting a Bombay cat, follow these tips to keep them healthy.

Bombay Cat
Bombay Cat


While this cat is a beautiful addition to a family, the care and maintenance of a Bombay cat are pretty involved. Regular weekly brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming are required for Bombay cats. As a general rule, Bombay cats should be kept indoors. It ensures their safety from cars, other cats, and even attacks from other animals. Although Bombay cats are not particularly large, their coats are fine and don’t get tangled easily.

The Bombay cat is not prone to obesity but should be fed a well-balanced diet high in protein. Cat kibble is the primary source of nutrition for Bombay cats, and they can also be supplemented with a small amount of wet food once a day. Water is also essential. Bombay cats need fresh, clean water regularly. Bombay cat food is high in animal-based protein, so it’s crucial to provide a diet low in carbohydrates and fat.

The Bombay cat is highly social and intelligent. It enjoys the company of humans but is good with children. Bombay cats are playful but need plenty of attention. They enjoy being the center of attention and are great with children and other pets. Be prepared for your Bombay to get into everything when you’re not home. Cat puzzle toys and cat trees are also helpful for entertaining Bombay cats.


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The Breed of Bombay Cat In actuality, the breed takes its name from Bombay in India, also known as the home of the black leopard. See more rare cat breeds here. Bombay is regarded as an uncommon breed.

The Bombay is composed, cordial, and loving. Sable Burmese and black American Shorthairs were crossed in the 1950s to produce this sturdy, medium-sized cat. His short, silky coat requires little maintenance.

A short-haired cat breed, the Bombay cat, was created by mating sable Burmese and black American Shorthair cats. The result was a cat that was primarily Burmese in appearance but had a sleek, panther-like black coat. The Asian group of black cats is referred to as "Bombay."

While Bombay cats only have short black fur with a particular sheen, black cats can have either long or short fur with varying degrees of gloss. In addition to having all-black bodies, Bombay cats also have black noses and paw pads, a characteristic many black cats lack.

A Bombay cat typically costs between $500 and $700 on average. Sometimes, it may even rise higher. If you're interested in a show cat, the cost of a Bombay cat increases, with these felines asking prices of $2,000.

Your Bombay cat will frequently be curled up in your lap or rubbing against your ankles. Due to its active, curious, and intelligent temperament, it is constantly prepared for play or to chase birds in your backyard.

Bombays sometimes called "velcro cats," are known for sticking close to their devoted owners. They will attempt to catch their owner's eye and have been known to follow their favorite person around the house.

The Bombay cat is typically in good health. However, some of the breed's issues include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, excessive eye tearing, and the potential for respiratory problems due to the cat's short muzzle.

LOW: A Bombay cat's short coat requires less upkeep and doesn't shed much. Bathe your Bombay as needed or as often as necessary, and brush the skin once a week to keep it shiny.

Unfortunately, no cat is hypoallergenic, including Bombay cats. When compared to some cat breeds, they shed far less. A now-defunct firm named Allerca made international headlines in 2004 by announcing the first "hypoallergenic" cat breed.

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