Bubble Tube (Features And Use 2022)

Bubble Tubes for Autism and ADHD: A sensory environment requires a variety of apparatuses. A bubble tube is an example of this type of device. Children with sensory processing disorders can significantly benefit from the attention-grabbing nature of these toys. Bubble tubes are a great way to improve your visual and verbal skills. In addition, they provide stimulation for a child’s senses and promote their emotional development. Here are some of the many ways bubble tubes benefit kids with autism. This article will discuss some of the most prevalent sensory environment apparatuses.


The IRiS Bubble Tube is a versatile, easy-to-use device that uses LED technology to produce vibrant colors and sound effects. It is controlled via remote control with the unit, eliminating the need for separate controls and switches. The IRiS Bubble Tube is available in eight vivid colors and can scroll between them with a button. The device also comes with a handy IRiS Talker for easy control.

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Portable LED Bubble Tube – The Experia bubble tube is portable, perfect for a sensory room or lounging area. The slowly changing colors and rising bubbles will soothe a child before bedtime. Moreover, it’s easy to move around and runs on the primary voltage converted to low voltage. Its dimensions are 12 inches in diameter. The Experia bubble tube also produces a calming sound of bubbling water.

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Play learn

The Play learns bubble tube is a sensory toy that stimulates all of a child’s senses and encourages development in various ways. Children with Autism and ADHD can benefit from the soothing effect of bubbles, while those with no developmental disabilities will find the tube a delight. Its continually changing colors captivate the child’s attention, and the device is an excellent choice for a soothing environment.

The Play learns Bubble Tube is compatible with all of your child’s bubble tubes. These toys come with a bracket that will allow you to easily mount the Play know Bubble Tube on a wall or other stable surface. The bubble tube’s lights are energy-efficient, so your child can use them even after you’ve turned them off. The Play learns Bubble Lamp features two secure wall mounting brackets, which will allow you to position the bubble tube safely.


The IRiS+ LED Bubble Tube is an interactive toy that can be controlled with an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The iRiS+ Wireless Interactive Reward System combines a series of wireless controllers with seven features, including sound, vibration, movement, and motion. Users can customize their experience by choosing a combination of features and adjusting the volume to achieve the desired stimulation level.

The IRiS+ Bubble Tube Bundle contains several innovative features that promote learning in the early stages of development. Students will develop gross motor skills and color recognition skills as they move the IRiS Qube around. The bubble tubes are fun to engage students in activities and encourage call-and-response learning. The IRiS Qube Bundle is available in multiple color schemes.

Touch Sensitive LED

The iRiS+ LED Bubble Tube can be controlled via an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch with an app that combines a host of wireless controllers into one convenient app. It enables users to interact with the bubbles through vibration, sound, movement, and touch. This interactive feature allows users to switch between eight vibrant colors. Besides, the iRiS Talker app enables users to interact with the Bubble Tube through voice commands, making it perfect for a shared room.

The Irish Touch Bubble Tube uses a touch sensing LED that changes color when a user touches it. The interactive device encourages children to explore different senses and develop reactive behaviors. It is beneficial for individuals with limited hand-eye coordination and limited motor skills. This interactive device comes with everything needed to start, making it easy to use and set up. Its long-lasting LEDs and air pump allow the bubble to change color for as long as the user wishes. The Irish Touch Bubble Tube also has attachments for Balls and Beads to enhance the fun.


Adding a custom bubble tube area to your playground is a great way to encourage physical activity and promote brain development. Bubble columns can be designed with interchangeable colored filters or even customizable LED lighting. Many even feature dummy water fishes, and their colorful lights are sure to add a sense of calm to any space. A custom bubble column is a perfect addition, whether your playground is a busy playground or an outdoor play area.

Whether it is a party favor or a corporate gift, custom printed bubbles will please the recipient. They will enjoy hours of fun blowing the bubbles and playing with the bubble wands. This fun, inexpensive promotional products are great for summer and spring marketing. Give them away at outdoor events to generate excitement and brand awareness. Get the most bang for your buck by ordering your logo-printed bubbles today. Logo printed bubbles come with free artwork assistance and online design proofs to help you decide on the perfect print for your logo.

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How to Install a Bubble Tube Fish Tank

If you want to get a unique aquarium for your fish, you can try buying a bubble tube fish tank. There are many different styles and colors to choose from. You can select a model with multiple fish, a bubble effect, or both. Some bubble tubes even have an on and off switch. Whatever the fish tank you want to buy, you can find the right bubble tube fish tank for your needs and budget.

To install a bubbler, you need an aquarium pump and an air stone. The pump and air stone should be connected to the air stone. The air stone should have an inner diameter of 3/16 inches, so you don’t have to worry about it being too large or small. To ensure you have the correct connection, you can get some aquarium suction cups to secure the tubing. A bubbler will help increase the oxygen level in the water.

This bubble lamp will captivate your child’s attention while creating a relaxing atmosphere. It is particularly effective in classrooms and sensory zones. It can even be used as a floor lamp or column water fountain. These tanks come with several fake tropical fish that move in the bubbles. They are made with the correct density so that the phony fish look lifelike. As the bubble currents rise and fall, the artificial fish will gently swim up and down the bubble tube, waving their mechanical tails.

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A bubble tube is often used to provide a fun and enjoyable sensory experience. When Ad Verheul and Jan Hulsegg first started making'snoezelens' in Holland in 1974, they came up with the idea (Sensory Rooms).

We recommend replacing the water in your Bubble Tube every six weeks. Water that has been deionized (distilled) only needs to be changed every three months.

Deionized or distilled water is recommended in bubble tubes in areas with hard water. Bacteria, slime, and green algae can grow in a box if it is not lubricated with BCB Fluid. If the tube does not come with BCB Fluid, speak with your distributor.

It's not just the recipient of the bubble tube who's exposed to the loud noise; our entire family is. Keep your television remote handy because you'll be cranking up the volume because it travels through walls.

A level, also known as a bubble level or a spirit level, is a tool used to determine whether or not a surface is horizontal (group) (plumb).

A product we recommend is BCB Fluid. Distilled water is also an option, as tap water contains bacteria that can lead to faster regrowth. Bubble tubes that are beginning to show signs of wear should be repaired or replaced.

Plug both ends of a 15-foot section of tubing with water and begin. A bubble tube and an empty bucket are now ready to be used. Finally, unplug both ends, and the water will start to flow out of the system.

While holding the plastic lamp holder, turn the plastic portion of the bulb counterclockwise to unscrew it from the base. A bubble light can shatter if a glass vial on top of it breaks. Bubble light should only be replaced with a 120V, 5-Watt maximum UL Classified bulb.

Algae/bacteria may have built up on the diffuser plate of your bubble tube, preventing it from producing bubbles and making the bubble tube vibrate as though the pump is still working.

The bubble stream's flow rate can be adjusted. 9.8 liters of distilled water are needed and not included in the package. For the sake of the product's longevity, we recommend that distilled water be used.

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