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Calitti White Litter- World’s Best Cat Litter! **2022 Review

Calitti White Litter, As it is commonly known, there is never too much litter in a cat’s house! It is something that, like karma, is consumed regularly. When I discovered a novelty on the market – white Calitti litter – I did not think it would be such a BIG novelty. Literally! We received two 20-liter bags for testing. At least, that’s something!

We have already tested dozens of Żwirków. Some were bought quickly, in a local store, because the package did not arrive on time. Others bought as part of an experiment, test … Still others, selected due to the limited availability of our previous favorite litters. I can confidently say that I have cuvette experience. However, it may sound. However, I approach each new litter with great curiosity because it never can be better!

White Calitti Gravel – let’s bury a little in it!

So what can I tell you about the Calitti white litter?

  • It is odorless. It is essential for cats as their sensitive noses are more susceptible to smells. I want to test the scent version myself as if it were (I am also vulnerable to smells;)), but I know that it is better for kittens when the litter does not have any scent.
  • It is not dusty. Neither when pouring it into the litter box nor during daily rummaging in it by cats. And because of me also …
  • It looks lovely in a litter box. If aesthetic values ​​are essential to someone, white litter looks so… clean when the litter box is open.
  • It clumps great! Cleaning up the clumps is a pleasure for me.
  • It absorbs smells nice. I have a sensitive nose … With some market litters, I felt a difference, and … I never returned litters. It is a paradox that often wastes, which is poor in absorbing odors, costs quite a lot.
  • It is efficient. I do not know if it is a matter of large packaging or excellent lumping – probably a little bit of everything. But with two cats, I think the litter does not want to end.
  • It is gentle on the cat’s feet – I like such granules a lot. Although it spreads a bit around the litter box, cats like to rummage in it. This also contributes to the excellent absorption of odors because everything in the litter box is thoroughly buried.

Calitti Litter White - Calitti White Litter

A large pack of litter – and what next?

I have ordered large packages of litter before. Most often, however, I used the classic 5-10L. I have never reviewed such a large litter, so two words about the packaging itself. In my opinion, this is primarily a desirable option for several reasons. First, we don’t have to worry that our supplies will run out soon. Secondly, very often such a purchase is much cheaper. Although we have to spend more simultaneously, it pays off in the long run. It is also usually a more ecological solution because theoretically, a little less plastic is used to pack one large litter.

The downside is the weight and the courier’s dissatisfaction …;) I had a problem with large cat litter when I was pregnant because it was pretty uncomfortable to handle them. For some, such packaging may also be too heavy. The solution could be to pour the litter into smaller plastic or cardboard boxes. And if someone – like me – has a small apartment, there is also a problem with storing such debris. But… such issues, I may have.

When it comes to the packaging of white Calitti litter, I missed a little handle here. Although, on the other hand, I know that it could not fully fulfill its task, given the weight of the litter.

Ah, and one more critical plus! It is the first litter where our Piotr looks relatively slim in winter! Grade!:)

Pebble summary

And seriously, I highly recommend this litter. I don’t know what’s in these white bentonite gravels, but they work best for us and are my favorite. We will return to Calitti, especially since the brand is still competitively priced.

And if you do not know the classic bentonite litter from Calitti yet, I recommend you look at our review. It is also a lovely litter, worth recommending!

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