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10 symptoms of the Cat Diseases** New 2022!

Cat Diseases: As cat keepers, we should properly care for our pets. One of the essential skills is recognizing the signs of disease in your cat. Cats in this aspect are very secretive animals because they perfectly mask pain and negative symptoms, so it is so important to read them properly.

Losing weight of the cat

Excessive or rapid weight loss in a cat is one of the first signs of disease. There are many reasons for your cat to lose weight, ranging from dietary mistakes, through metabolic diseases, to parasitic infections. It is essential to weigh the cat regularly and to check its shape. If we notice any deviations, we should consult a veterinarian.

Specific cat hair loss

All cats lose hair; this is a natural process of changing the coat. However, there are situations where under the symptoms of the disease. A red light should light up if we deal with excessive or plaque hair loss in a cat. Excessive hair loss may indicate diabetic problems, while baldness around the eyes and mouth may indicate the presence of parasites. Losing too much hair and its condition may also be related to the cat’s inadequate or incomplete diet.

Excessive drinking of water by the cat

Cats naturally drink little water, yet staying hydrated is essential. Cats obtain water mainly from food, and it is a natural and sufficient for them as possible. If we observe that the cat drinks a lot of water, this may indicate the onset of the disease. Excessive drinking of water by a cat often means diabetes and kidney disease conditions. The cat should be examined quickly in this situation, especially for these diseases. Cats eating dry food will also consume more water, which is neither natural nor healthy but should be constantly available.

Apathy you city

One of the natural needs of cats is hunting. We replace them with play at home and, consequently, a meal. If the cat is lethargic, lazy, and reluctant to any physical games all day, it may signify disease onset. Of course, there may be days when the cat is more or less active because this is perfectly normal. It is more about situations where the cat’s apathy appears suddenly and lasts for a long time.

Vomiting in a cat

Cats sometimes vomit due to the persistence of bezoars (hairballs). On the other hand, if a cat’s vomiting occurs regularly, often, and, for example, it lacks food, it may already indicate a medical condition. Vomiting may appear in the presence of kidney failure, food intolerance, or food poisoning.

Diarrhea in a cat – Cat Diseases

Diarrhea in cats can also indicate health problems. There are cases of one-time indigestion where looser feces occur once or twice. However, if diarrhea persists for a long time, we should consult a veterinarian about the problem.

Pain position in a cat

Knowing the term pain position in a cat can help us diagnose that the cat feels some discomfort or pain. Pain positions can into three groups:

  • crouching pain position;
  • head pressing;
  • passing urine or feces outside the litter box;

Cat Diseases

Crouching pain position

Unfortunately, this position is often confused with the so-called place “for bread,” which cats take on very often. There is a noticeable tension on the face, there may be a tight neck and back, and the head and ears may point downwards. Seeing this behavior in our cat, we should immediately go to the veterinarian and examine our pet.

Head pressing

This position characterizes by the cat pressing its head against a wall or other surface. This behavior indicates that the animal is in severe pain. In this way, the cat cuts itself off from external stimuli, such as, for example, irritating light.

Reasons for head pressing:

  • neurological disorders;
  • toxicosis (poisoning);
  • parasite infection;
  • hit;
  • a brain tumor;

Seeing this pain position cannot be taken lightly. Nor should it be confused with “lambing,” meaning cat’s joy.

The photo below shows Mia shortly after the castration procedure. There was an obvious disgust with light and a feeling of discomfort or pain.

You can read more about the phenomenon of head pressing in the article dr Karen Becker.

Passing urine or feces outside the litter box

Any behavior that manifests itself in killing the cat outside the litter box may indicate health problems (especially diseases of the kidneys and urinary system) and excessive stress. The first thing that İf your cat is urinating or feces outside of the litter box is to have your cat tested for blood, urine, and feces. It also happens that sometimes such behavior is due to a completely different reason, such as improperly selected litter or behavioral problems. However, the first thing is the cat’s health problems.

Sneezing and coughing in a cat

These are symptoms when hairballs are in the cat’s digestive system. However, if the cat has regular attacks of sneezing or coughing, such signs may indicate, for example, parasitic diseases or diseases of the respiratory and cardiac systems.

Skin lesions in a cat

Any skin changes, eczema, baldness, redness may indicate disease symptoms, allergy, or food intolerance in your cat. If this is the case, take the cat’s diet into account, but if it is of adequate quality, a thorough blood test should first rule out any health problems.

Changes in cat’s behavior

Any deviation from the cat’s natural behavior may indicate an onset or developing medical condition. The most prevalent changes in cat behavior include:

  • depression;
  • excessive activity;
  • aggression;
  • secrecy, avoiding contact;
  • excessive sleepiness;
  • anxiety;
  • excessive vocalization;


The above list of cat disease symptoms presents the most common ones, while the actual list is much more extensive. Some of a cat’s illness symptoms may appear suddenly and indicate a more severe disease. These symptoms above are a signpost that should suggest a visit with your cat to the veterinarian.

Below I am adding a general infographic focusing on the pain positions in the cat.

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