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How do you get a cat used to another cat? – that is, socialization with isolation

When we already have one cat or dog, we decide on more household members. Then we start to wonder what it is. Is it possible to introduce a new dog or cat to an existing household member? Today I would like to explain How to get a cat used to another cat or a dog to another dog, i.e., the so-called socialization with isolation.

The second cat in the house

It is worth noting that the process of familiarizing animals should always, even if they do not show hostility towards other animals. Before starting socialization with insulation, prepare the ground and appropriate equipment.

    1. A small room where we will keep our new household member
    2. Provision of a litter box
    3. Just like the litter box, you need litter. Ideally, it will be the same litter you had before coming to your new home.
    4. Two bowls, one for food and one for water
    5. it would be worth being fed with whatever it was before coming home
    6. The lair – after all, it has to rest somewhere ?
    7. In the case of a cat, a scratching post
    8. Toys and “hiding places” will get used to the new place calmly. Remember that any change of this type causes stress.

Proper socialization with isolation

We are introducing a new pet but are not yet introducing it to the resident. We lock him in a previously prepared room and leave him to get used to the unique situation and the new place.

We provide him with the entire assortment prepared in advance. It must be around four corners in a given room. When the pet settles down a little, we can bring him a treat and then leave him alone with food.

If we bring a blanket or something with our pet, it is worth leaving it in a given room so that the pet has a familiar smell close to it.

We have to ask our little ones for help in the next stage. We do not allow direct contact yet, but we introduce the resident to the room where the new family member is staying and the newcomer to the other rooms in the house. All this to get them used to new fragrances. It is essential to have regular and daily contact with the animal to get used to us.

The smell is an essential sense in animals; therefore, socialization with isolation on this sense. An excellent way to get a resident and a new pet used to it is to spread the scent by stroking one, then the other, and so on.

We try to repeat these activities every day. One of the things cats and dogs love is their food. An excellent option to help your pets get to know them is to place bowls on either side of the door. Thanks to this, the animals will not see each other but will smell each other, and they will automatically associate the smell with something positive. In the beginning, we place the bowls a bit further, and we move closer and closer to the door with time.

Particularly in cats, the transporter is very helpful in socialization with isolation. The first stage is to move the new cat in a carrier covered with a blanket to the apartment. Thanks to this, we allow the resident to get even more used to the smell of the newcomer. In this situation, it is worth playing with the resident or giving him various delicacies to associate the new fragrance with something pleasant. The second step in getting the cats used with the carrier is the same, but the new cat with a blanket. Both phases should last approximately one week each. Once the animals tolerate each other more, we can introduce feeding the animals close to each other, i.e., a new cat bowl in the carrier the resident bowl next to the page.

Before we start feeding our cats close together, it’s essential to know what healthy cat nutrition is.

After all, we can slowly release the cat into other rooms in the house. We do it in such a way that we lock the resident in one room, and we can explore our apartment for the new cat. Then we release the resident to familiarize himself with the area marked by the new cat. A sign that we can allow animals to contact directly is that they do not hiss and do not snarl. We let animals come, but we constantly control the situation and observe their behavior. It can be helpful to place the treat bowls on opposite sides.

When getting to know animals directly, we must be calm and patient, let them contact each other calmly, watch the situation develop, and keep an eye on it.
After the first such action, we lock the new animal in its place of isolation and repeat the day’s activities for some more time.
Later, we observe how the animals behave, whether they are already friendly, and let them meet each other freely.
How long it will last depends on the temperament of the animals, sometimes a few days is enough, and sometimes it must take several weeks. Remember to be patient and calm; rush. Socialization with isolation is a critical process in the life of our pets; properly carried out has a positive effect on their health and behavior.

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