Catahoula German Shepherd Mix (Characteristics, Size, Care and Health ) 2022

Catahoula german shepherd mix
Catahoula german shepherd mix

The Catahoula German Shepherd Mix: The Catahoula German Shepherd Mix is an excellent choice for any home, as they are both loyal and tidy. The dog weighs between twenty-two and twenty-five pounds as puppies and between twenty-four and twenty-eight pounds at full maturity. Despite their size, Catahoulas are pretty affectionate and are very loving with people. Read on to learn more about this breed and its characteristics.

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Dog breed standard

The Labrador Catahoula mix is a versatile working dog ideal for families. Its high energy makes it an excellent watchdog and equally intelligent and affectionate as a Labrador. The Labrador is the most popular dog breed in the world, but the Catahoula is just as hard-working and thoughtful as its Labrador counterpart. A Catahoula mix is a hybrid of two different species, and it is the perfect choice for adventurous families that enjoy outdoor activities.


The most noticeable characteristics of the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix are its short, straight, wavy coat, big brown eyes, and pointy ears. The average Catahoula weighs around 50 pounds (23 kilograms), but some are lighter in color or even have drop ears. The Catahoula breed is highly active and requires lots of mental and physical stimulation to remain happy and healthy. The species typically live between 8 and 16 years.


The size of a Catahoula German Shepherd Mix depends on its lifestyle. These dogs are brilliant and require plenty of exercises, as well as lots of socialization. Because they are smaller in stature than most dog breeds, they are better suited for homes with smaller spaces since they don’t need as much space as larger dogs. A Catahoula GSD is not suited for apartments or homes with children, as they are not large enough to keep up with them.


A Catahoula German Shepherd mix can be deaf, and a veterinarian should examine it for this condition. The BAER test measures brain wave activity in response to certain sounds. If your Catahoula German shepherd mix is deaf, you should keep it leashed and train it differently. While this condition isn’t life-threatening, living with a deaf dog is challenging and enriching.

Prey drive

The Catahoula German Shepherd mix has a high prey drive, making them an excellent choice for hunting and police work. They tend to be highly aggressive, which drives them to chase prey. Life expectancy is approximately seven to fourteen years. Depending on your local breeder, they may live as long as twenty-four years. They are intelligent and loyal, with great instincts for protecting their family.

Health issues

Although hybrid pups are usually healthy, they can inherit specific health problems from their parent breeds. Catahoula German Shepherd mix can be susceptible to health problems because of its deep-chested nature and large size. Therefore, before purchasing this breed, confirm its exact breed through a dog DNA test or from the breeder. It will also benefit from proper socialization and training to ensure a happy life for both owner and pup.

Life expectancy

The Catahoula-GSD cross is a brilliant and well-rounded dog. This large dog breed can live between eight and fifteen years. The typical life expectancy of this cross is about nine to thirteen years. The weight and height of a Catahoula-GSD can vary greatly depending on its parent breed. They are both great guard and herding dogs. The Catahoula is smaller than the German Shepherd.

Catahoula german shepherd mix
Catahoula German shepherd mix

Catahoula German Shepherd Mix Puppy

If you have decided to get a Catahoula German shepherd mix puppy, there are a few things that you should know. These dogs are not aggressive, but they may herd small children. If you socialize your puppy early, you may have no problem introducing it to children. Even if you do not plan to let your puppy be alone with small children, you should be aware that some dogs are very playful and could accidentally hurt a child.

A Catahoula German Shepherd Mix puppy should receive at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. The breed sheds heavy hair in the spring and fall, and you brush it regularly. While grooming your puppy can be tedious, you can have it professionally done if you want to make it easier on yourself. However, once the coat starts to grow, you will only need to brush it once a week.

A Catahoula German Shepherd Mix is a high-energy dog that is loyal and affectionate. They will soon warm up to strangers while they are cautious around strangers. They also love romping around the house, and playing fetch. You can expect your puppy to become a best friend, but you should plan for a long-term relationship. If you don’t have the time to spend with your new pup, you should choose another breed.

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Catahoula German Shepherd Mix Facts and Information You can expect your Catahoula German shepherd to be 22-26 inches tall and weigh 50-90 pounds because the two parent breeds are similar in size. A typical Catahoula German Shepherd looks like a short-haired German shepherd with leopard spots.

The cost of a Catahoula German Shepherd Mix puppy ranges from $400 to $1,000, depending on the breeder and the current demand for the parents. In the United States, German Shepherds are extremely popular, making it challenging to locate a breeder willing to mix them with other breeds.

A native Choctaw word for "sacred lake" inspired the Catahoula's name, and the breed is named after Catahoula Lake in northern Louisiana. A mixture of local dogs and Spanish bloodhounds, mastiffs, and greyhounds may have resulted in the creation of these dogs.

Though affectionate with family, Catahoula Leopard Dogs can be wary of strangers if they aren't properly socialized as puppies. Catahoulas are devoted guard dogs who guard their owners and their possessions fiercely. This breed is not aggressive but a natural leader like other herding breeds.

A Border Collie-Catahoula hybrid dog will be medium-sized. Between 35 and 80 pounds (16-36 kg) and 20 to 24 inches tall, this cross can be made (50 to 60 cm). The Catahoula Collie mix has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

All Catahoula Leopard Dogs are covered in a single, close-cropping coat. They can be short or medium in length and have a texture that ranges from coarse to smooth, depending on their size. Any color but white is to be expected. Catahoulas can come in various colors, patterns, and combinations.

People who adore the Catahoula/Pitbull mix refer to it affectionately as a "Pitahoula," and the hybrid dog breed is finally gaining acclaim in the United States. The Catahoula and Pitbull designer dog breed is not for inexperienced dog owners.

The number of distinct breeds of sheepdog, also known as a shepherd dog, is well over thirty.

It is a good idea to have a Catahoula as your watchdog. When strangers come near the house, they'll start barking. Excessive barking, on the other hand, should be discouraged.

The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard, like most intelligent dog breeds, needs a good deal of stimulation to stay energized and content. Using these dogs in law enforcement is an excellent idea because they are brilliant and quick to assess situations.