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Is a cat’s hanging belly disturbing? **New Tips & Ideas 2022!

It is often repeated that a cat’s hanging belly is caused by castration and is a sign of being overweight or obese. However, this is not true because a cat’s sagging skin fold is called a primordial pouch, i.e., a natural pocket that performs a specific function. Cats are known for their agility and jumping. The skin fold on the cat’s abdomen allows it to stretch, which provides flexibility when jumping, running, or trying. The cats hanging belly of the cat will enable him to take longer steps, which is very important when chasing the victim and escaping from the attacker.

Often a hanging belly in a cat causes anxiety among pet keepers. However, is it justified?

What does a sagging belly mean in a cat?

Cats naturally have small stomachs, but a skin fold allows their stomach to stretch properly when eating a heavy meal. In addition, fatty tissue may accumulate in the skin fold, which will protect the cat in the event of a hunger strike.

Another function of cats hanging belly in a cat is its protective function. Excess skin is a barrier against organ damage, especially for cats living in nature and fighting other animals. It is adequate protection against the battle with other cats that use rabbit kicks.

Cat rabbit kicks involve catching its target with its front paws and then kicking its hind legs fiercely. You can often notice this behavior when cats play, but then, of course, it is not that intense.

What does a primordial pouch look like?

The original pouch in a cat extends the entire length of the abdomen, all the way to the hind legs. It is a skin fold that hangs loosely from a cat’s belly and sways when moved. It is recognized that the primordial pouch has evolved because, without it, many cats in the wild would have had a hard time surviving.

cat's hanging belly

Does every cat have a cat-hanging belly?

Here comes the genetic issue. Theoretically, it is assumed that every cat has a primary pocket, but depending on genetics or breed, it may be enhanced to a different extent. There are cats where it is not entirely noticeable, and there are also those that are obvious. Often, age, race, and body shape matter. It happens that older and heavier cats have a more pronounced abdominal fold.

It is also worth noting that the primordial pouch does not only apply to our well-known domestic cat. The primary pocket also occurs in wild cats such as leopards, cheetahs, and tigers.

Is it possible to get rid of a sagging belly in a cat?

If the cat’s drooping belly is just a primary pocket and not the actual excess fat, then getting rid of it is impossible. There are also no operations in veterinary medicine that would remove the original pouch. However, it is perfect because such a procedure would be unethical and harmful. After all, the skin fold on the cat’s abdomen is not a bad thing and is simply a natural matter for our pet. Every conscious cat keeper should accept this feature in their pet.

When can a cat’s skin fold be disturbing?

There are times when a pendulous belly in a cat is something negative. However, we are talking here about a situation dealing with an overweight or obese cat. When too much fat is deposited in the original pocket. However, it is easy to recognize when a skin fold should be worrying us:

  • The moment the cat moves, and the cat’s hanging belly is stiff and not swaying from side to side, a lot of body fat accumulates.
  • Fat tissue is hard, so when we touch our cat’s abdominal fold, and it is hard, it means that the cat may be overweight or obese. The everyday primordial pouch is loose and soft.

However, the skin fold is not the main factor in judging whether our cat is too fat. The best way to do this is to assess the cat’s body shape on the BCS scale. This scale allows you to check the cat’s silhouette in two planes and by palpation.

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