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Cutting claws in a cat – how to do it and is it necessary?

As everyone knows, nature has equipped our cats with a powerful weapon, i.e., claws. They are essential in everyday life of our pets. They ensure their survival as well as everyday, normal functioning. Claw clipping is a general cosmetic procedure, but is it 100% necessary, and how to go about it?

Cat claws

Claws are an essential part of the cat’s body. They are the primary tool for defense and enable proper movement. As it befits cats, they love to climb. Thanks to the claws, cats can quickly and efficiently climb trees, searching for a hiding place. By the way, thanks to their claws, they mark their territory, e.g., in a tree trunk. We should take care of them by providing proper care and a proper diet, which also affects the condition of the cat’s claws.

Should I cut the cat’s claws?

It is a question most cat owners ask themselves. Cats, running in trees or scratching tree limbs and trunks, wear off their claws in the wild. It is a natural care treatment. However, because, fortunately, most cats are not outgoing and are typical household members, we need to care for cats’ claws properly. If we oil the topic, we must consider that our furniture will most likely suffer. Cutting a cat’s claws is an essential care procedure, but we must also not forget about providing scratching posts, thanks to which the cat will be able to rub its claws off itself.

How to cut a cat’s claws?

Ok, if we decide to cut our purr’s claws, we need to know how to go about it. First, we need to assimilate some information not to hurt our kitten. Cat’s claws have a specific structure. The outer layer of the foot is the stratum corneum that surrounds the vascularized core. It is essential because we cannot break the heart if we do not want to harm the cat. It is safest to cut a maximum of 1/3 of the claw’s length so that we do not breach the core.

Especially at the beginning, we have to consider that the cat will not be too happy, and we have to get him used to clip his claws. It is best to put the cat on its lap, hold it behind, and press its belly against its back. Next, we grab the front paw press in the area of ​​the toes, thanks to which we will extend the claws. Now we can start the appropriate cut.

How to get your cat used to clipping claws?

Cats know very well how strong claws are to them, so it’s no wonder that they resist when we try to interfere with them. Without them, they feel vulnerable. The fastest way is to go to a veterinary clinic, where an experienced veterinarian should cut the cat’s claws quickly and painlessly. Unfortunately, the significant disadvantage of this solution is the cat’s enormous stress by cutting nails and traveling to the clinic and staying in it. Therefore, it is best to try to cut the claws yourself.

One way is to get your kitten used to clip claws as early as possible. You have to make the cat associate this procedure with something pleasant. First, we encourage the cat to sit close to us, and when we try to touch its paws, we immediately start stroking it. We repeat this action until we see that the cat boldly allows us to feel its feet. Then we try to extend the claws by pressing the area around the fingers, remembering nothing. When the kitten resists us, we must wait a while and return to the previous stage. This way of getting your cat used to clipping its claws can take up to weeks, so we have to be very patient and systematic. When the cat does not react nervously to the touch of its paws or the sight of the claw scissors, we can start cutting them.

A good way is to arm yourself with the flavors with which we will reward the cat for good behavior.

Catclaw removal

Obliterating a cat’s claws is a terrible idea, and by some, it is animal abuse. The same fashion for removing nails in cats came to us from the USA. It has many negative consequences. One of them is the cat’s great physical pain related to the procedure itself. Another issue is behavioral problems because we take cats away from their essential defense tool. Lack of claws in cats can even lead to feline depression. A cat’s lack of comfort can lead to many other problems, not only health but also behavioral.

Cat tips

Someone once came up with another idiotic idea, which is cat tips. As the name suggests, these are unique covers for a cat’s claws. Their biggest problem is that they do not allow cats to hide their claws, and for a good reason, the cat’s anatomy is what it is. Each attempt to conceal the feet when the tips are on is harrowing for the cat. As with removed claws, tips cause tremendous discomfort to your cat and can lead to a host of severe health and behavioral problems.

Trapani Kota

The urge to scratch in cats is natural, and we cannot unlearn it in any way. You should be aware that if you decide to have a cat, it may scratch furniture or scratch us while playing. Of course, the house cannot be arbitrary, and if the cat insistently scratches the table, we cannot allow it to do so. We should show the cat that he is doing wrong.

However, we cannot expect the cat to improve its behavior if we do not give it something in return. That is why scratchers are an essential element of a cat’s house.

It is worth having both horizontal and vertical scratchers. We will never know what a whim our kitten will have on a given day.

In addition to scratchers, we can equip the house with pieces of wood during a Sunday walk. The intense smell of the forest will additionally strengthen our cat’s stimuli.

You can also arm yourself with a carpet, on which kittens are very eager to stretch out and scratch it.

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