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Now you are done setting up your aquarium. Now it’s time to put in fish. It can be hard to find the perfect fish for an aquarium. You don’t want any fish eating another fish. Here are some of the top fish to choose from.


The goldfish are simple to keep, and they can be purchased in all pet shops. Food for goldfish is easy too. It is essential to ensure clean water and not overfeed them.


They are lovely and can be challenging to care for. However, they can become significant. If you decide to get an angelfish, ensure that your aquarium is at least 55gallons. You should only get one angelfish as they can fight each other.


Guppy aquarium owners love them because they’re easy to maintain and are cheap. Their tiny stomachs mean they do not require much care. They can be very fast-breeding, so it is essential to monitor them.


This fish is a favorite among fish-lovers because it can be paired with any other species. These fish are clean, and they can be taken care of quickly. Although catfish are not commonly sold in pet shops, they can be found at many specialty stores.


Platies can be very relaxed fish. They are very friendly with other fish. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are easy to care for, making them excellent beginner fish.


They are great fish to start with because of their variety in sizes and shapes. They are friendly with all fish and will eat almost any plant-based food.

Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is easy to care for. Because of this, neon tetra is very popular among aquarium owners. These tiny fish are distinctive by their bright blue and red stripes. They love being in small groups and are very calm.


Another fish that is easy to handle is the rainbowfish. Rainbowfish are beautiful when they reach adulthood. They’re peaceful, easy to care for, get along with other fish, and are very friendly.


Cichlids are a striking fish that is suitable for aquariums. Fish enthusiasts love cichlids because they can be easily bred if desired and are friendly with other fish. It would help if you kept them in warm water.


Barbs can sometimes be more aggressive than other fish, particularly angelfish or tetras. Their size can exceed a few inches. They are lively fish that will entertain fish lovers.

The fish you see above are readily available at your fish shop or pet store. These fish are durable and easy to maintain, so that they will be a great addition to your aquarium.

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