Different Bird Types Based on Their Diet

Knowing birds’ food will help you get them closer to you. Birds add life and sound to your garden, as well as bring nature closer to you. Different species of birds will eat different types of food.

Eating Bird Food Com

You might be able to use the foods they eat to bring them closer to you to find out what foods they eat. These are the kinds of birds that eat the same food as you:


Vigorous birds, also known as birds of prey, eat other birds to sustain their lives. These birds include hawks and falcons. They are distinguished by their strong wings, legs, and talons. They are agile and can chase down smaller birds, then grab them with their claws.


These birds are prey. These birds love meat but don’t eat other birds. Their diets consist mainly of rodents, small mammals, and fish. Carnivorous birds include falcons, large hawks, eagles, and owls.


Frugivores are fruit-eaters we often see in the woods near our farms. These feathered planters are our sweetly-colored avian companions. They spread seeds throughout the forest. They love bananas, apples, plums. Although some bats do eat fruits, they are not mammals.


Granivores include birds that eat grain as their primary food. This category contains many birds. They are the easiest birds to attract to our backyards if we know what to draw them with. Examples of granivores are sparrows and finches, parakeets and cardinals, and pigeons and sparrows.


Insectivorous birds also rely on flesh as their food, but they eat insects. Although most insectivores are tiny, they can do a lot for farmers and gardeners. They control pests that can cause damage to plants. Bluebirds, bluebirds, warblers, woodpeckers, and sparrows are all examples of these avian friends. Many birds, not naturally insectivores, hunt insects to feed their young.

It is a shame that farmers spray their plants in insecticides to kill the birds who eat the dead insects. This is one reason why insect-eating birds are rapidly disappearing.


Molluscores are shorebirds that eat snails and oysters. Many molluscous gather on the shore to hunt oysters and shellfish at low tide. These birds also prefer to stay in swamps to find their favorite food.


These birds consume nectar from flower nectar. They aid in cross-pollinating flowers to produce seeds and develop them. This is a symbiotic relationship that allows birds and plants to co-exist. The most common insectivores are honeyeaters and honeycreepers.

Birds that are Ophiophagous

Ophiophagous birds consist of feathered animals that eat snakes. A few bird species include snakes in their diet. These include the secretary bird and snake eagles.


Palynivores refer to birds that eat pollen. Many birds aren’t strictly pollen-eaters. However, many insectivores or insectivores consume pollen while foraging.


Piscivores refer to birds that dive or wade in the water to catch fish, using their strong claws and specialized beaks. Piscivores can be found in kingfishers and ospreys, as well as seagulls and cormorants.

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