Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine? (3 facts)

Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?
Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?

Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine? It’s natural to want the best for our animals. Immunizations usually are at the top of that list to protect kids from various ailments.

Veterinarians provide various vaccines, one of which is for kennel cough. Infectious tracheobronchitis, sometimes known as “kennel cough,” is most commonly caused by a bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica, which this vaccine helps guard against. In the United Kingdom, this vaccine is administered yearly, often in conjunction with other preventative shots. It is squirted into the dog’s nose by a veterinarian, who does so with great care.

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What is kennel cough?

Kennel cough is a respiratory infection that affects the dog’s airways but is not lethal. Bordetella bronchiseptica is the primary culprit, but several other microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) can also play a role.

Kennel cough’s most prevalent symptoms include:

Some dog owners say their pet sounds like they have something trapped in their throat when they describe their dog’s retching or hacking cough.
Bladder or phlegm excretion
Pulling on their collar may set off a coughing fit if they have a particularly sensitive throat.
Appetite changes
Itchy eyes or a watery nose are signs of illness.
Most dogs will heal independently, but it can take a few weeks for them to do so. Anti-inflammatories or antibiotics may be helpful on rare occasions, usually in young or elderly patients at risk of developing pneumonia. Unlike distemper and parvovirus, this virus does not cause significant or life-threatening sickness.

During this time, your dog will be contagious to other dogs and should not be allowed to mix with them.

Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?
Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?

How could my dog catch kennel cough? Direct dog-to-dog contact can spread kennel cough, typically through nasal secretions or coughing. In other words, a simple sniff and a play with another dog could spread the disease to your pet. Fomites (items infected with nasal secretions or saliva), such as sharing bowls and toys, can also spread the disease. The sickness can spread this way, even if your dog does not interact directly with other dogs.

If many animals are nearby, kennel cough spreads more quickly. Dog boarding kennels, dog shows, and public parks fall under this category.

Why would my dog need the vaccine if he will recover from the illness?

When we vaccinate our pets, we protect them against an illness we may have prevented otherwise. Kennel cough is less severe in vaccinated dogs than uninfected dogs because of the vaccine. Some dogs have a severe cough that causes them to cough up bile and mucus to the point where they cannot eat or drink. There is a chance that the cough will disrupt their sleep (and yours) and make them feel ill. Similar to a human cold or cough.

Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?
Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?

You should keep your dog away from other dogs if they have kennel cough. As a result, your dog cannot socialize or accompany you on walks. It’s also a good idea to keep him on a leash while you work out. Again, this limits the time spent near other canines. Vaccination would be the best way to avoid this from happening.

Respiratory disorders might affect some dogs more severely than others. There are brachycephalic (small-nosed) dogs, young puppies with weaker immune systems, or canines with various health issues. Vaccines are even more critical for those who fall into this category.

Also, many boarding kennels insist that your dog has received the vaccine before allowing them to stay. The disease could swiftly spread due to the enormous number of dogs that can be kept at any given time. It will thus be prevented through vaccination. If your dog stays at a kennel, determine if they require this vaccination.

Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?
Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?

When wouldn’t I have my dog vaccinated?

The vaccination against kennel cough may not be necessary for dogs with a low risk of contracting the disease. There will be a lesser chance of infection for dogs who do not interact with other dogs on walks, do not go to kennels, or participate in training or dog shows.

If you have a damaged immune system, you should exercise caution when getting your dog vaccinated. Because it is a live vaccine, your dog may continue to expel microorganisms for a few days after receiving it. As a result, owners with compromised immune systems should be extra vigilant (certain illnesses, chemotherapy, pregnancy, etc.).

Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?
Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine?


We and our pets can suffer from kennel cough, even though it’s usually not life-threatening. When determining whether or not to vaccinate your dog against the disease, you must consider the risk factors specific to your dog. However, you can rest confident that your pet’s immunizations your veterinarian recommends have been thoroughly studied for safety. When in doubt, consult your veterinarian, who will be able to help you make an informed decision for your pet.

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