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It is the most fundamental aspect of life that every creature on Earth has adopted. They do it naturally. When it comes to domestic pets like cats, they will eat anything edible. The felines will not grow and develop if they eat just about anything.

Now the big question: what should cats eat to be healthy, grow up, and thrive? We have all the information.

How to Feed Cats

Because cats are carnivores, they must derive—nutrition source of animal protein. For optimal animal health, food should be meat-based.

It is not your intention for your beloved pet to wander off into the wild hunting by themselves. We offer a variety of high-quality, commercially-produced, balanced cat food, separated by age and health. A varied diet can be created by including raw, cooked, and either dry or wet food. You should not give your children dry food. It is harmful to their health.

Fish is not a good choice for cats as it can cause fatty acid excesses. This can cause Vitamin E deficiencies in cats, leading to painful side effects.

Relationship between A Cat’s Age and Food:

According to their age, the food suitable for cats is:

  • Kittens: You should provide a balanced and high-quality diet for your cat, mainly wet cat food. You should avoid giving them cooked bones and raw meat.
  • For adult cats: The food they eat should look like a kitten’s. They can eat any wet or dry food and fresh and cooked meats, bones, and fish.
  • Senior cats: A wet food that can be canned, cooked, or fresh is excellent for older cats who need to check their health. This does not cause any discomfort to their digestive system.

How much should you feed your cat?

The amount and frequency that cats require food will depend on their size and age. The general guidelines suggest a daily intake of 24-35 calories per pound to maintain normal cat health. However, it’s best to consult a veterinarian to determine the exact amount.

Domestic cats are more mobile than strays. Excessive feeding can lead to obesity and other health problems like arthritis and diabetes. Also, reduce your intake to avoid malnutrition.

No matter what age a cat is or other factors, it must always have clean water. You can do this by purchasing the right food and water bowls, as well as keeping them dry and clean.

How often should you feed your cats?

Its age is a significant factor in how often a kitten needs to be fed. Grown kittens need to be fed every 4 hours. They require food that is more per pound than their body’s weight. Starting at six months old, cats can provide food approximately once or twice per day, including snacks and treats.

Cats Being Fed for Free

Consider whether free-feeding is possible if none of the alternatives appeal to you. When you let your cat eat whenever it pleases, its food is always available. Keep in mind that only dry meals may be served in this manner since wet food should not be kept out all day long. Throw away any dry food that has been sitting in your cat’s bowl for more than a day, even if your cat doesn’t seem to be eating it anymore.

Benefits: Your cat may eat on their schedule and in tiny portions throughout the day. One of the most critical aspects of successful free-feeding is putting the amount of dry food that a cat needs in the dish once a day.


If food is not strictly rationed, free-feeding cats might lead to obesity. It’s often hard to discern if your cat’s appetite has improved or worsened, depending on how recently it changed. In addition, it’s impossible to know how much each cat eats if you have more than one.


Even though free feeding can contribute to weight gain, there are methods to keep your cat’s weight and the amount of food it consumes in mind while still allowing it. Make careful to calculate how much food your pets need each day accurately. Don’t restock the pantry until the next day after consuming the food. Cats learn to spread their food consumption throughout the day rather than destroying it in one sitting.


Using a food puzzle with pre-measured food is another alternative for free-feeding cats. This will allow you to keep tabs on how much and how often your cat is eating. According to cat behaviorist Mikel Delgado in an interview with Scientific American, she loves food puzzles not just for incentives but also as a means to feed cats daily.”There are two reasons for this: First, food puzzles keep cats active and mentally stimulated, while secondly, as obligate hunters, cats are more likely to go out of their way to obtain their meal. They wouldn’t accept a mouse in a bowl from anyone, “Delgado is quoted as saying.

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