German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix (Info, Facts, Traits – 2022)

What You Should Know About the German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix: While the German Shepherd and Pomeranian are similar in size and build, there are some differences. This cross is an exciting combination of two different breeds. This article will look at the other characteristics of both of them, along with the food and exercise needs. You’ll be better prepared to decide if a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix is right for you and your family. But be sure to keep reading to learn more about this unique mix!

Dog breed characteristics

While Pomeranians are typically low-energy, intelligent dogs, the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix is a different breed entirely. While it’s true that this breed has lower health risks than the Pomeranian, its characteristics do not mean it’s completely void of health issues. Proper care and nutrition can significantly reduce your dog’s chances of certain diseases. Listed below are some of the breed’s most common health problems.

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A Labrador-Pomeranian mix is energetic and loyal but lacks the stubbornness of an authentic German Shepherd. It does best in households with older children and is more gentle around children than adults. Although it’s highly trainable, this dog breed can become bored if it doesn’t get plenty of attention. They can be challenging to train, though, so consider this before adopting one.


If you are considering purchasing a new dog, you may be wondering how the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix personality is different from that of the German Shepherd. Although these dogs are intelligent and loyal, they do not necessarily have the same characteristics. While the German Shepherd breed is known for its high intelligence, the Pomeranian breed is known for its hard housetraining. In addition, German Shepherds and Pomeranians have very different temperaments. The German Shepherd Pomeranian mix is generally more active, intelligent, and loyal. However, it is essential to note that this breed is not necessarily suitable for everyone and may require some patience and training to achieve desired results.

This breed tends to be high-energy and attention-seeking, so that it would do best in a home with older children. This breed is also calmer around children, and they will usually show their loyalty to their owners. While this breed is generally easy to train, it can become tedious if not received enough attention. If you are looking for a dog that will provide you with a lot of attention, the German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix is good.

Exercise needs

As with all dogs, German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix-breeds need daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. Their energetic personalities respond well to mental and physical activities, brilliant. These dogs also exhibit pack mentality, much like ancient wolves, and therefore need a great deal of company. This article outlines the essential exercise requirements of these breeds. If you’re planning to adopt a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix, it’s good to start by setting up an activity schedule and sticking to it.

The ideal amount of daily activity for a Pomeranian mix varies. They need 60 to 90 minutes of high-intensity activity. It can be divided into several daily activities, such as walks, playtime, and obedience training. Blending physical exercise with mental and emotional stimulation is the best way to prevent boredom. Many Pomeranian owners exercise their dogs before and after work, preventing boredom.


To ensure your German Shepherd-Pomeranian mix stays healthy, you’ll need to choose a high-quality dog food containing plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. They also have live microorganisms that aid in the digestive process. Additionally, dog foods with small kibbles are tailored to the size of these small breeds and minimize dental plaque.

CANIDAE All-Life Stages Chicken, Turkey & Fish Meals Formula Dry Food is a high-quality choice for German shepherd puppies and adults. This dry food is rich in antioxidants and omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, which support the development of the pup’s brain and vision. Another good choice is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula, including bison. It contains all of the nutrients necessary for a healthy and happy German Shepherd.


German Shepherds constantly shed throughout the year to maintain the coat, though it does tend to get a bit heavier during different seasons. Grooming is essential, as the undercoat can mat without proper care, resulting in hotspots, bald spots, and rashes. Here are some tips for grooming your German Shepherd. First, bathe your pomeranian mix three times a week, with at least one shampooing session.

While German Shepherds are generally hypoallergenic, Pomeranians have longer coats and are best for colder climates. This breed of dog will need grooming at least twice a year. During the shedding season, bathe your dog once or twice, but be careful not to shave it. The longer coat of the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix will protect your dog from UV rays and cold weather, so don’t try to shave it completely.

German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix
German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix

Things to Look For in a German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Puppy

If you’re considering getting a german shepherd-Pomeranian mix puppy, make sure you consider its needs and wants. Although German shepherd and Pomeranian breeds are similar, their personalities can vary. This is why a puppy with this combination of traits is often better suited for a family with older children. The breed is also very loyal. Here are some things to look for in a German shepherd-Pomeranian mix.

A German Shepherd Pomeranian mix is generally cheaper than the parent breed. This mixed breed is known for having unique features, including a mischievous face. It can have either the German Shepherd or Pomeranian coat, but is more likely to have a Pomeranian coat. German Shepherds tend to be bigger than their Pomeranian counterparts, and a German Shepherd-Pomeranian mix puppy can grow to a maximum of 26 inches tall.

Although German Shepherds are low-maintenance dogs, German Pomeranian mixes require daily brushing and bathing. The German Shepherd Pomeranian mix’s coat does not require frequent bathing, but you should bathe your new puppy at least once every two to three months. If it’s shedding too much, consider taking it to a dog groomer to keep it looking squeaky clean.

German Shepherd Pomeranian mix puppies are medium-sized dogs, weighing between 50 and 90 pounds. The male is generally larger than the female, but all puppies are different. A Pomeranian Shepherd mix puppy needs about one cup of high-quality food per day. It’s best to steer clear of foods with sugar or corn as these can cause the puppy to gain weight. Instead, choose a diet based on high-quality dry kibble and stick to it.

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A male Pomeranian can mate with a female German Shepherd despite the odd pairing. However, the opposite is not valid. Crossing a female Pomeranian dog with a male German Shepherd won't result in a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix. The attempt will almost certainly result in the Pomeranian's death.

GSD Pom mixes' female average height and weight range from 14 to 17 inches and 26 to 39 pounds, respectively. The average size and weight of a female are between 5 ft. nine in. and 5 ft 3 in.

Guard dogs of this type have a well-deserved reputation for protecting their owners and property from harm. In addition to being kind and loyal to their owners, German Shepherds make fantastic companions. Yes, they can be reserved among strangers, but they become great buddies once you get to know them.

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An ethnic group of Pomeranians, or "Pommern," live in Pomerania as a German-speaking ethnic group. In the High Middle Ages, several people migrated to Pomerania as part of the Ostsiedlung in the region.

While a German Shepherd is more likely than a Labrador Retriever to bite a stranger, it is not as vicious as a Pitbull or Rottweiler. Use caution when approaching a German Shepherd. They are fiercely loyal to their family and fiercely protective of their home and territory.

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