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The goliath tigerfish, also known as the giant tigerfish, Mbenga, and Goliath, is a large African predatory freshwater fish. They are a member of the Alestidae family. This article will provide background information about this giant fish and what makes it fascinating. Also, it will cover its habitat, growth rate, and potential attacks on humans.


The Hydrocynus goliath tigerfish (also known as the giant tigerfish or Mbenga) is a large predatory freshwater fish native to Africa. They belong to the Alestidae family. While not often found in aquariums, they are frequently encountered as a pet in the wild. Here are some of the most interesting facts about this fish. Read on to learn about these incredible fish and what they eat.

A tigerfish that live in fast-moving water, the Goliath, has sharp, jagged fangs that are a formidable sight. Unlike many other large predatory fish, this tigerfish is extremely fast and can detect low-frequency vibrations from its prey. It will circle its target fish before striking it. Because of the speed of this fish, catching one requires specific fishing gear. Your gear must be able to handle the rough conditions of the Congo Basin and withstand the ferocity of these fierce predators.

The Goliath tigerfish is a formidable predator reaching three to four feet long. They are dangerous and should not be kept with other fish. They will eat anything in the water, even if you don’t have any other pets to worry about. This fish is also hazardous and can destroy a 60-pound catfish. Its sharp teeth make it easy to strike and kill prey.

Tiger Fish & Goliath Tiger Fish for Sale ** 10 Goliath Tigerfish Facts


A goliath tigerfish is an enormous carnivore that usually feeds on other fish. They primarily feed on plankton, crustaceans, and small insects but have also been observed eating smaller fish and even crocodiles in the warm waters of the Congo River. They must constantly search for new ways to feed to survive, finding new habitats and strategies to eat.

The goliath tigerfish is a great swimmer and has a unique habit of hunting in packs. It stalks its prey by swimming around and ambushing them and uses calmer areas to ambush its prey. It has excellent eyesight and can detect low-frequency vibrations in the water, allowing it to track and attack the target without being noticed by the predator.

Giant tigerfish are very large, growing up to four feet long and weighing 110 pounds. Their fully scaled bodies are pointed at the ends, and their fins are bright orange or red. Their fins may even turn bright red during the breeding season. Their teeth are very sharp and interlock, making them formidable predators. They live in large rivers, as well as near lakes and reservoirs.

Because the Goliath tigerfish is a powerful predator, indiscriminate fishing of these fish could severely harm the local ecosystem. Therefore, anglers are advised to cast them back into the water after catching them. However, if they cannot resist the temptation, they can be found on TV shows, such as River Monsters. You can watch the show to see Jeremy Wade catch and show these massive fish.

Growth rate

The growth rate of the Goliath tigerfish is slow. This fish grows about three to four feet and weighs approximately 110 pounds. It is a highly aggressive species and will attack other fish and humans. If you’re looking for a tropical fish that is more challenging to keep, then the Goliath tigerfish is a good choice. This species can be a challenge, but they make excellent trophies if cared for properly.

The Goliath tigerfish can grow up to two meters in length. The fish is very similar in size to a giant carp. While compared to the average tigerfish, it is larger than the other species. Its body is much thicker and broader than that of its close relatives. The body of the Goliath tigerfish is a little thinner than its relatives. It makes it easier for it to swim in open water.

The Goliath tigerfish’s aggressive nature has led to it being called ‘Mbenga,’ an evil spirit. It is considered bad luck to encounter it at the beginning of a voyage. However, the tigerfish is a beautiful, colorful fish that has made its name in movies, documentaries, and other settings. Its beauty and strength have also helped it become an essential part of many aquariums worldwide.

Attacks on humans

The Goliath Tigerfish is a large predatory ray-finned fish that lives in the Congo River. Jeremy Wade caught a specimen of one in the Congo River and decided to release it. He and his guide debated whether to return it to the river or give it to the local village as a gift. Instead, they gave it to the locals, carrying it off in celebration.

Although a dangerous species, goliath tigerfish do not usually attack humans and are not considered endangered. They are only considered a “least concern” species on the extinction scale. However, if you do get one in your aquarium, it may be good to have someone watch it closely to protect yourself from being bitten. These fish may attack people in some cases, but they are not typically aggressive.

The Goliath tigerfish’s strong teeth are dagger-like and are designed to bite a small human-sized creature. One bite from one of these fish can split a victim in two. Because of their powerful eyesight can spot their prey without difficulty, making them a dangerous option. If they’ve been caught in the wild, the Goliath tigerfish have attacked humans and 60-pound catfish before.


The tigerfish is a member of the family Alestiidae and is considered one of the largest freshwater fishes on earth. They grow up to about 200 centimeters in length and weigh about 27 kilograms. They are the second-largest freshwater fish in the world after the Amazon river. They have a chilling morphology and are the largest predators in their rivers.

The goliath tigerfish is a fierce predator that thrives in turbulent waters. These fish sense low-frequency vibrations and circle their prey before striking. Because of the ferocity of this predator, catching them requires specialized equipment. It is essential to find a set of fishing gear that is sturdy enough to endure the turbulence of the Congo Basin.

The Goliath tigerfish has black bands on its body and a silvery gray underside. It may also have orange or red fins. This fish’s mouth has large, sharp teeth that protrude through its mouth when it closes. The black bands of this fish give it its ferocity and tiger-like personality. The name is also a nod to its fierceness and fearsomeness.

The Goliath tigerfish is a sizeable aggressive fish in warm, humid waters. It has big jaws lined with massive teeth, a torpedo-like body, and a reflective scale pattern. The Goliath tigerfish can tear up even 60-pound catfish. The tigerfish’s sharp eyesight allows it to detect vibrations in the water that can trace to its prey.


Despite its large size, the Goliath tigerfish does not lack aggression. This predatory fish is as fast as a shark, and it can weigh more than a ton! The Goliath tigerfish shares many of its traits with the Piranha, the native fish of the Amazon river, but grows much more significantly. It can crush a human in one shot.

Some African cultures believe the goliath tigerfish is the manifestation of an evil spirit called Mbenga. They consider it bad luck to encounter them at the beginning of a voyage. This fish has been featured in documentaries and films and is feared as a formidable opponent. Although the Goliath tigerfish is a fierce predator, it doesn’t usually seek out humans.

A Goliath tigerfish can grow to over three feet in length. However, they cannot be kept with other fish as they can quickly devour other aquarium inhabitants. Hence, it would help if you planned when choosing the right aquarium for this tigerfish. It is best to purchase a tank with at least 10,000 liters of space. Its size may vary depending on how much space you have to spare in your tank.

A Goliath tigerfish is one of the most dangerous fish to catch. These creatures are fierce predators and will attack anyone close to them. Even if you get your hook into a Goliath, be prepared for a ferocious fight! But if you’re brave enough, you’ll enjoy your new pet and make it a memorable experience for everyone in your life.

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The goliath tigerfish is one of the world's most dangerous freshwater fish and is thought to be a much larger and more deadly version of the piranha. The gigantic fish, which has 32 teeth the size of a great white shark, has been known to attack humans and even crocodiles.

The Goliath Tigerfish is a massive, solidly built fish, with the largest specimens reaching 6 feet in length and weighing 100 pounds; however, there have been tales of individuals weighing 150 pounds or more.

While sources differ, the goliath tigerfish (Hydrocynus goliath) is claimed to have weighed in at an impressive 70 kg.

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