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How many cats are too many? (2022)

How many cats are too many?

Yes, that’s correct. If you want it, you can have it. This isn’t just about a man who has a room full of 250 feline friends despite the headlines. Your home will never be in disarray, no matter how many cats you have. When a neighbor’s five cats get along so nicely, a neighbor’s three always get into fights.

Adopting a cat can be addictive, according to most people. A stray kitten is just the beginning; the next time you see one, take it home as a welcome addition to your cat family, and the next time you do the same with one more; one more won’t make a difference by then.

Infested Homes

As a result, it is not only unjust to the cats but also their caretakers. Stray cats should be transported to an animal sanctuary where they can be cared for by professionals who can help find them a new place to live. Consider having three cats as an example of a small pet population. Unless that is the case, how many is the ideal number?

To understand the importance of feline hierarchy, you need have read some articles on the subject. Cats’ behavior in a family is influenced by various things, including how they move.

It can be tough to establish a balance in a household with multiple cats. It would help if you always kept a close eye on your dogs to catch any signs of stress or discomfort. For example, many people know the difficulties when a cat is sexually mature.

The question given in the article’s headline has me secretly hoping the answer is, “Never. ” “There can never be enough cats.” My gray tabby, Foxy, and my black American shorthair, Jacques, are two of my favorite pets, and I often fantasize about getting more, especially orange kittens. Unfortunately, this is not about me. In this article, we’ll be talking about cats. When does having too many cats become an issue? That “how many” point isn’t a hard and fast rule. “Feline-friendly” to “feline-unhealthy” is more like a magic threshold that one crosses at some time in one’s life.

Some cat owners consider two cats to be “too much.” Others will interpret it as nine. It all relies on how much time and attention you can dedicate to your pets and the type of environment they live in. Anyone who provides you a precise number should not be trusted; we are not. Let’s look at some data, important insider information, and general best practices for having a healthy cat family to clarify and help you determine when your quota is met.

Destroying the cliche of the crazed elderly cat lady

Am I the only one who thinks this is a tired trope? Cats are a favorite of both men and non-binary people. Ask my partner, Ricky Gervais, or Steven Ray Morris of The Purrrcast about this… In addition, it perpetuates the myth that living alone means that you can spend all of your time and attention on your cats, which is a false assumption. Wrong! To give each cat the care it seeks and requires, the more cats you have (even if you live alone and expect to continue your lonely existence long into retirement).

According to a recent study, cats create significant emotional relationships with their owners if you miss it (because you were too busy lint-rolling your cat hair sweater). Everyone who owns a cat was like, “Duh.” According to Oregon State University research published this week in the journal Current Biology, 64% of kittens studied showed strong attachment relationships with their owners. Sixty-five percent of infants react the same manner to their parents as a point of reference. When someone asks, I’ll be able to back up my claim that my cats are my children with scientific evidence. Aside from this, research has proven that cats can recognize their names.

The problem is that when there are too many cats in a family, it becomes more challenging to build strong emotional attachments. Clingy, unhappy, or socially awkward cats are all possible outcomes of cat overcrowding. When you have to work extra to keep track of who’s who, Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, says it becomes difficult to keep track of each cat’s health. When ten other kitties are vying for your attention, it’s far more challenging to discover a kitty’s urinary tract problems (among many other health issues).

Take, for example, the diverse personalities of cats.

One feline charity in the United Kingdom saving cats’ lives for nearly a century tells us: Cats are solitary hunters who can become territorial or aggressive when they dwell near cats from various social groupings. You can tell if two cats belong to the same social group by the way they smell. (Keep an eye out for each other’s grooming or sleeping arrangements.) It’s not uncommon for cats from various social groups to become aggressive toward one another.

In some cases, new family members may not be well received by a cat. It is not uncommon for cats from the same litter to identify themselves as belonging to various social groups. Integrating a new kitty into an established pack can—and should!—take more time to ensure that everyone gets along. Cats who don’t get along can cause emotional pain, malnourishment, and potentially costly vet visits if forced to live together. (one may start unfair fights with another).

In addition, it is crucial to remember that many cats can disguise their feelings of dissatisfaction. Distrust or fear may pervade your cats’ relationships with one other despite the absence of hissing and clawing. It’s challenging to keep track of these subtle and not-so-subtle habits in a household with many cats. The more cats there are, the more difficult it is to keep tabs on them and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

In other words, five happy cats are better off than two unhappy ones.

Think about resources, not space.

Is it OK to have 100 cats if you’re a crazy old cat lady with a vast, vacant mansion? No! Having a lot of space doesn’t necessarily indicate that your cats live a healthy existence. Strategic resource deployment is a far better sign of a healthy environment. Things like litter boxes, food bowls, and toys are examples of resources. To keep your pet’s food and litter boxes apart, you’ll need lots of room (no one wants to eat where they poop). A cat’s home isn’t complete without a place for hiding and perching (they feel safe observing the world from above). Give each girl her own clean, warm bed as well.

One litter box per cat plus one additional is the typical rule for eliminating. If you have multiple floors in your home, some experts recommend having one litter box per floor. As a result, our two-bedroom apartment has three litter boxes for Foxy and Jacques. Cleaning these every day is necessary; there is already a great deal to do with just two cats. More than a few cats are likely to suffer from urination issues, especially since they often refuse to use soiled litter boxes.

Cats belonging to distinct social groups should eat and defecate in separate areas. Your cats’ resources may be stretched thin if you have many of them or if they form multiple social groupings.

Hoarding of animals

In 2013 the DSM officially recognized hoarding as a distinct mental illness (previously lumped in with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Animal hoarding is a subtype of hoarding. Why? If you’ve ever watched the TV show Hoarders, you’ll know what we mean by “things.” Similarly, some people hoard animals. It is pretty rare for both illnesses to manifest simultaneously (though sometimes animals hide amongst the stuff, which is awful). Elisa Arrienti Ferreira, a doctoral student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, opted to investigate the ailment as part of her master’s degree thesis.

88% of animal hoarders were unmarried; 64% were considered elderly, and 73% were female, according to Ferreira’s findings. Hmm. There goes my attempt to dismantle the “crazy old cat lady.” However! According to the study’s participants, the loss of a job or a child was associated with a spike in animal hoarding. It’s not uncommon for people who have lost a significant part of their identity to get obsessed with caring for an animal (or many of them). The difficulty is that neglect is almost sure to follow when a home has an excessive number of animals. Contact the ASPCA if you suspect that someone you know is hoarding animals or is close to them.

The bottom line is that a person’s character and resources always take precedence over a numerical value. Volunteering at a shelter is a great way to satisfy your kitten cravings! This is an excellent method to spend time with additional animals in your home while assisting them.

To avoid becoming a “crazy old cat lady,” keep a modest number of cats and regularly monitor each one’s health, especially if you plan to become one.

When a cat is neutered, some of its behavioral issues are alleviated, but only for a short period. However, they’re not aware that a cat can transition from an adolescent to an adult at any time (that is, it attains social maturity). When a cat is between 2 and 4 years old, this happens. In this period, she will be looking for a new position in the feline hierarchy.

When a cat is bold and robust, it may even challenge the top spot. Fights will inevitably break out if the current top cat is unwilling to be challenged.

Some cats like to be alone and won’t do well in a household with numerous other cats. Since many cats live in the same home, it’s crucial to acquire as much information as possible about the potential new addition to your family.

Keep in mind that even if you have just one, two, or three cats, your area has already been taken. The only way for a new cat to fit in is to share an existing cat’s home territory. Adding a second cat tree, a litter box, and other food bowls might increase the area.

Also, keep in mind that if one of your cats dies, you may not be able to add another to your household to fill the void. Establishing a new hierarchy in a feline social structure is perilous since feline social networks are notoriously fragile.

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People also ask - FAQ

How many cats is too many? It doesn't matter how many people you have. It's more like there's a magic point where life goes from being "feline-friendly" to being "feline-unhealthy." For some people, two cats are too many. A lot of people say nine.

Most people only need two to three cats. For some people, 5 to 10 might be manageable. For the occasional cat lover who has the time, patience of a saint, and money to spare, even more, cats can be kept under control.

Even though cats are often thought of as lonesome animals, the truth is that they are very social and like to be with other cats. It's great to see your cats snuggle up together, groom each other, and play together, but it can be hard to make sure your multi-cat home is happy.

The number of cats you can care for in a humane way depends on how much time, energy, and money you have. Having one or two cats is a lot of work for most people. Some people might be able to care for four or six cats at the same time.

Cats need love and attention. People say that you should not have more cats than hands. You should not have more than two cats if you live alone, and four if you live with your partner.

if you have enough places for them to hide and rest, they should be fine. For people who have more males than females, I would think about getting two litter boxes instead. As you can see, we have three cats that are all different sizes and body types. They say to get cats that are all the same size.

So a crazy cat lady could be a person who has four or more cats. A person with two to three cats is a little weird.

Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button are three of Tay-pets. Tay's She's had Meredith and Olivia since 2011. Benjamin has been in the Swift family since 2019.

Animal hoarding is when people can't meet even the most basic standards of nutrition, sanitation, shelter, and veterinary care for their animals, which can lead to starvation, illness, and death. Most of the time, animal hoarders think they are helping their animals and don't believe that they can't even give them basic care.

People who own cats should be aware that sometimes cats can carry harmful germs that cause a wide range of illnesses in people, from minor skin infections to more serious illnesses.

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