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British Cat Food that’s one of the most recognizable breeds. However, this is absolutely nothing surprising because these four-legged dogs are characterized by an amiable character, distinctive appearance, and great sociability. “Britons” are classified as medium and large cats because adult males can weigh up to 8 kg, and females – 4 kg. Despite its large size, the pet will be affectionate, gentle, and friendly, and his company will bring great joy to all household members.

It should be noted that the critical importance in the proper functioning of the body the British cat has its diet. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the caretaker to provide the animal with all the necessary ingredients that have a direct impact on both the health and well-being of the cat. Everything you need to know about feeding the breed is found later in this article.

British Cat Food

Nutritional needs of British cats

Cats British animals are considered long-lived animals. Even though they are relatively healthy by nature, they tend to be greedy, which can contribute to rapid weight gain in combination with low mobility. It is the owner’s responsibility to balance his pet’s diet so that he can lead a long and healthy life.

The basis of a British cat’s nutrition is giving him complete, valuable meals. As it befits a predator, its main ingredient should, of course, be meat. However, it should be noted that a British cat will also require several other nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of his body.

Preparing meals for a cat on your own requires a lot of knowledge and familiarity with the subject of all nutritional needs. However, nothing prevents you from opting for ready-made feeds dedicated to the breed. Then it will be necessary to pay special attention to the composition of the food, which should include:

  • Proteins – that is the basic building block of the tissues of the quadruped. Their sources can be found in products of animal origin. The essential proteins are those that your pet cannot produce independently, or the amounts made are not sufficient. They include taurine, histidine, leucine, methionine, and many others.
  • Fats – in this category, you should look for mainly omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, which significantly impact the cat’s immunity. In addition, their tasks also include improving the brain’s work, supporting the absorption of vitamins, and improving the condition of the skin and hair.
  • Carbohydrates – being one of the sources of energy. However, their excessive amount and uncertain origin may contribute to causing allergies. The carbohydrate sources should therefore be as natural as possible.
  • Vitamins – the most important of them include vitamin A, strongly influencing the proper functioning of eyesight, and vitamin D, which is responsible for the endurance and health of bones and joints. The essential vitamins also include those in group B. Their task is to regulate metabolism and increase immunity.
  • Minerals include magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, zinc, and sodium. Each of them plays a vital role in the pet’s body, influencing, among others, the work of the nervous system, bones, joints, and metabolic processes.

British cat food – which one to choose?

Every cat often has its moods, manifested by fussing while eating and extraordinary whims. Therefore, choosing the food that your pet will be happy with may turn out to be an extremely complicated task. However, it should be remembered that the guardian’s shoulders are responsible for providing the animal with all the essential nutrients.

It is worth betting on healthy and tasty feeds from brands such as Farmina Orijenwhich are made of natural ingredients of the highest quality. Due to the tendency to be greedy British cats, it is worth considering the food that allows you to maintain a proper weight and figure, such as FARMINA N&D Cat Quinoa Weight Management Lamb & Broccoli ORIJEN Cat Fit & Trim. Indeed, no cat will pass by them indifferently.

The brand also has an excellent offer of healthy, complete, and natural food Acana – food recipes are prepared with particular attention to the needs of cats. Foods such as ACANA Bountiful Catch and ACANA Regionals Pacifica with a very high content of fish meat and containing valuable fatty acids will ensure your pet’s good condition and well-being as well as a beautiful appearance of the coat.

It is also worth reaching for wet food to diversify your pet’s diet. Farmina offers nutritious and delicious wet food such as FARMINA N&D Cat Ocean Sea Small Tuna & Shrimps and FARMINA N&D Cat Lamb & Pumpkin & Blueberry.

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British Cat Food 2022

How to feed a British cat?

It is well known that cats eat food specific to their species. Their meals should be smaller but served more often. However, this does not mean that filling the bowl to the brim several times a day will be appropriate. Quadrupeds will not eat the food that has been in their bowl for a long time. Such food will not be attractive or tasty for them, making it suitable only for throwing away. The number of meals per day depends on several factors, such as age, body weight, portion size, and karma.

Inadequate adjustment of the amount of food to the actual requirements of the British cat will certainly not bring positive results, especially considering its love of food. This action will affect your pet’s weight, contributing to obesity and other diseases.

It is also essential that every cat prefers to eat its meals under certain conditions. Therefore, it may be necessary to provide your pet with a separate, safe space in which
nothing will disturb. It is also crucial, especially for access to fresh and clean water for dry food. Cats have the habit of supplying their bodies with fluids and their food. So if their diet consists mainly of the already mentioned dry food variant – the owner is obliged to protect the pet from undesirable dehydration, which has serious health consequences.

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