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How to Protect The Balcony From Cats? Update 2022!

We have a balcony, and now we also have a cat? Or maybe our neighbors’ cat is visiting us on the patio, and we would prefer it not to do so? Or perhaps we live so low that uninvited, meowing guests come through the balcony? Regardless of the situation, the balcony, of course, becomes the center of our interest. And also, no matter if it is our purr or it comes from outside, we need to install some protection on this balcony not to become a round trip route. How to organize all this and not go crazy? Where to start? First of all, you need to diagnose the problem first, and then calmly, step by step, introduce the appropriate preventive measures. No matter the trouble, it is possible to keep a balcony from a purr. There are solutions for all of them!

Protection of the balcony for the cat

That’s problem number one: what to do to prevent purr from hurting himself. Until now, we just had a balcony, and now a pet has appeared in the house, and the terrace becomes a potentially hazardous zone. Do not count on your pet’s wisdom and mindfulness. Cats are intelligent creatures, but they are easily distracted or scared, and then the tragedy is ready. One inattentive movement, a slippery surface, a jump after a bird or an insect, or a sudden, disturbing noise: all this can make the purr lose his balance and fall out of the balcony. It is valid for kittens who enter everywhere but don’t mind anything because they want to play – as children do.

So how to secure the balcony so that the purr does not fall out? Whether we live on the ground floor (and the pet can escape us) or on the upper floors (i.e., it may fall out and hurt itself), the entire balcony must be fenced. It is neither complex nor highly laborious. You should buy a special mesh with narrow meshes at a pet store (welcome to Kakadu) and stretch it from top to bottom over the entire balcony (it’s about the side facing outside, of course). It is also a good idea to attach the net to the windows. In a set with such an accessory, we usually find special hooks that we stick to the surface and adhere to the mesh.

We have a choice of polyethylene nets, which are simply fishing nets – these will work in the case of calmer purrs – and nets reinforced with a thin wire that will withstand even the most energetic pet.

The nets will work in the case of windows, balconies, loggias, and terraces. We can also use them to protect parts of the garden. If we cannot fix the whole thing ourselves and we have a lot of surfaces to cover, we can decide on the help of a team of professionals. Just remember that it will cost you a bit.

Protection of the balcony against the cat

You can protect the balcony from the cat in two ways. The first is related to the previous subtitle: the net will guarantee safety for the domestic purr. It will also prove to be an excellent barrier against unwanted guests: the purr of the neighbors, cats from the neighborhood, and other pets.

The second option is to secure the balcony so that our pet does not destroy it. Unfortunately, animals like to play on balconies. It is a natural playground for them. For some, it is enough to sit in pots or catch insects. Others will dig up the ground, nibble at plants, kill flowers, or sharpen their claws on the furniture on the terrace. What to do in this situation? Let’s follow simple rules.

1. Is the cat digging up the soil or taking care of it?

We can secure pots the way trees are more and more often protected on the street: by covering the ground with a unique grid. Sometimes a simple net stretched over the pot is enough. We can also put in the pots deterrent fans that hum, flash, or in any other way discourage the animal from approaching the flowers or the tree. Let’s use mechanical means so as not to harm the plant. Option number two is to leave a unique pot for the cat to play with or put an additional litter box on the balcony. Perhaps the pet will convince her.

2. The cat nibbles at the plants?

The matter is serious, and it is not about the plants at all but the pet. Some plants are poisonous to cats, and their consumption may result in diarrhea, vomiting, or convulsions. Some specimens are so toxic that they can even kill your pet. The only effective way is to get them out of your home. Let’s not delude ourselves. Putting them higher will not prevent your pet from reaching them. Cats will go everywhere if they want to.

Can’t we part with the plants? However, access to them will also be complicated for us.

Frisky nibbles on plants that are harmless to him? Perhaps he lacks vitamins! Let’s buy him a particular cat’s grass, which will provide him with all the necessary ingredients and help remove hairballs from the digestive system. Many cats eat grass to throw up hair in their stomach and intestines.

3. The cat destroys the equipment of the balcony/terrace?

Our balcony, terrace, or porch are like Disneyland for a purr. They are also often the only places where they can see a bit of the outside world. There is no point in making a row over scratched furniture, lots of fur on the table, or squashed rugs. Frisky does not destroy anything on purpose. He wants to play and find space for himself. What is worth doing? Organize him a corner on such a balcony.

Putting an attractive scratching post with shelves and a house in the style of a plush hut, where you can hide and watch the big world, will surely give him a lot of fun. Additionally, we can bring toys to the terrace or porch and install a particular cat fountain to encourage him to drink water. It is an excellent solution, especially on hot days. In the winter, on the other hand, the purr will undoubtedly appreciate insulated bedding or a hammock mounted on a radiator close to the window – because, on the balcony, it may simply be too cold for anyone!


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