How to Socialize Your Cat: A Guide to Cat-Human Interactions (2022)

Cat Socialization: I first fell in love with Birman cats ten years ago when I went to see a friend’s new cat, a purebred Birman male named Darshan. He sat on top of a very high cat tree that looked like it was made for a monarch, with another beautiful Birman woman next to him.

At first, I was drawn to their beauty, but when I learned more about the breed and their history, I promised myself that my next cat would be one of these cats. However, I put that thought in my mind, and I soon forgot about it, too.

A few years later, my cat died. Because I always have a cat in my house, I looked for a new one right away. I think it’s essential to adopt pets from shelters or sanctuaries because there is a huge problem with too many cats and dogs. On the Pet Finders website, I looked for Darshan. I was surprised to find a cat that looked very similar to Darshan at a local animal shelter. I got on the phone right away and asked if she was still free. Cat’s name was Leanne, and she had a Himalayan mix. However, when I went to see her, I saw that she was a Birman, a dog.

Purebred Birmans are very pricey, and they can cost up to $500-$700. I was excited and wanted to adopt her right away, even though she had a history of being neglected and having trouble socializing. She was timid and hid from people all the time. It was hard to find her the first time I went to the sanctuary. No one had been able to connect with her for months. They told Leanne that she might never be able to interact with other people.

Two years ago, Leanne came to live with me, and now she’s six. She’s a fully socialized member of the family. She likes to be on my lap and sleep with me when I go to bed, and she greets people when they come by. It took me a long time to get her out of her shell. She stayed hidden for a long time. But now, she has all the good things about Birman cats, like their big eyes and ears. Generally, they are gentle cats who enjoy being around people and other animals. They are solid and healthy and have few genetic problems.

I tried these things to make Leanne love me and come out of the closet.

I gave her toys and played time as a reward. I found that if I brought her toys at the end of the day, she would play with me (this was amazing because she refused to interact with anyone at the sanctuary). A new interactive toy would always be waiting for me when I got home from work every day.

Da Bird was the best and most well-made toy I found. Friends who recently got two cats told her about Da Bird, and it was a great thing to do. While I was relaxing and watching TV, I would keep my cat busy for hours, jumping and doing backflips that I didn’t even know were possible, even for gymnastic cats. Gymnastics was the only way I could get to the heart of my Birman dog.

If you don’t want your cat to scratch, you must give it many scratching posts. Cats need to exercise their muscles and sharpen their claws by rubbing. Please don’t declaw your cat! Online, I found an excellent post that was very interesting.

Like dogs, kids, and most people, Cats are very excited about treats. Treats are a great way to teach your cat to come when you call. You can usually get even cats who aren’t used to people if you shake the bag and call them.

It is how cats feel about catnip: Catnip is to cats what chocolate is to people. It makes their brains feel good and seems to make cats happy. When you buy catnip toys, put out catnip plants, or make fresh, dried catnip, you show your cat that you have a lot to give and are a good provider.

Many things helped me build my Birman’s trust, but I also tried to use a lot of cat psychology to help her feel safe. Money alone can’t buy the love of a cat who hasn’t been around other cats. Leanne was still hiding in the basement ceiling even though treats, toys, and bribes were there. I didn’t want her to do this. Here are some tips for having a healthy relationship with a cat that lasts for a long time:

Cats don’t like it when people yell at them.
It’s best to clap when they do something terrible. Associate an unpleasant sound with their bad behavior, not you.
Never hit a cat. Cats will never forgive any physical discipline, and they will lose any trust you’ve worked so hard to build up with your cat.
The process of socialization will not happen quickly. It took Leanne about three months to be comfortable walking around my room and another month to be able to move freely around my house. Her tail was low for a long time, and she only came out for play and treats. Then, she went back to her safe places.
Allow cats to come out on their own when they are ready.
Don’t change them once you have set up their litter box and places to sleep and eat! In the beginning, it is best not to make too many changes for cats because they don’t like change.
Brush your cat often and show them as much love as they can handle. Even when she was still a little girl, Leanne loved to be brushed. To get to know your pet better, you can give them a good brushing.

It’s true that many cats, like ferals, can’t be socialized, and it’s not a good idea to bring one of them into your home. Then there are the timid cats that you find at a shelter. They still have a chance to be happy at home. People who work with a cat-like this can have great friends. Tips like these will make a big difference.

What is Cat Socialization?

The term “socialized” means that the cat is used to and enjoys having company from people, and this is how we say it. It is what it means to socialize a cat. You start by getting her used to being touched by humans. You also begin to get her used to seeing, hearing, and smelling things like those of humans. Many things that happen in a cat’s life affect how it goes. It takes a lot of time and effort from kind people.

They are the most socialized cats if they live in our homes, get attention, and rely on us for their daily needs. Another type of cat in our communities is a feral cat. These cats are born and live outside and have never or rarely had contact with people, even if they actively avoid it, so they are not socialized.

Felis catus is the name of the species of cat that people keep as pets. All of these cats are from the same group.

How Cats Became Domesticated

Cats have been living with us for thousands of years. They live with us both indoors and outside in every environment.

Cats are still a lot of fun to learn. For example, research has shown that cats’ early wild ancestors “self-selected,” which means they changed their behavior to live near humans.

Dogs learned how to make “puppy eyes” to make us want to play with them, and the bravest early cats learned how to do the same thing to get something from people. To get mice and food scraps in their settlements, they took bold steps to make themselves at home around people.

In a nutshell, cats learned to live near humans so they could get food and other things that humans needed.

Is how they became domesticated. A species is “domesticated” if it has evolved to live with or near people to benefit from them.

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Many cats can indeed benefit from having a friend who is also a cat. Cats have a bad reputation for being lone wolves, but they are social animals and can thrive on forming close bonds with other animals.

The question is: Is it too late to get them to trust people? A: It's never too late to start. They are more likely to be afraid of humans because they spend so much time as free-roaming cats, not because they are scared of humans. Outdoor living means that you have to be more protective, so their "faux feral" behavior makes sense even after living inside for months or years.

A cat who hasn't been adequately socialized might be afraid or aggressive, and they might do things like scratch your furniture or not use the litterbox.

Kittens who have been well-socialized are more likely to grow up to be friendly and social adult cats who are easy to care for and keep clean. The best time to socialize a kitten is between 2 and 7 weeks old, when kittens are the most open to new things and eager to learn about them.

Because they love each other so much, cats like to live together and groom each other. If someone were out all day, we wouldn't give them just one cat because they'd be lonely. We would give them two cats because they'd be happy. Having a lot of cats in the same home is good.

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