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How to teach a cat to eat better quality food? **2022 New!

Stubborn like a donkey or stubborn like a cat? Many who have tried to switch cats to healthier food have found that the animals depicted can be used as synonyms in this proverb. However, we should not give in to cats’ blackmail to feed them with dry food or treats full of carbohydrates.

These tools will allow you to introduce a better diet in cats.

What makes cats like to eat foods that harm them?

Cats like stabilization because it guarantees their safety. Not fighting for territory and its resources are what every cat appreciates the most. It is no different with food. They do not feel bored when they eat the same food taste every day. On the contrary, it gives them a sense of comfort because they know.

The cat’s habit

If a cat, accustomed to dry food or wet food, which contains only a few percent of meat, receives a high-monthly food, the lamp “old, what’s in this bowl?” A new smell, texture, and taste can disrupt your cat’s sitting order in the bowl, which is not surprising. His body can also be highly diarrhea when he suddenly tries a portion of new food. We know well how difficult it is to change the habits that we have developed over the years.

Food producers who deceive cats’ senses

Have you ever wondered why the dry food smells so intensely? Cats have a bland taste but a great sense of smell. Therefore, to persuade the cat to eat even such highly processed products, which include dehydrated cats or contribute to obesity, is enough to manipulate their smell so that it is impossible to resist.

How to teach a cat to eat better quality food
How to teach a cat to eat better quality food

The most prominent myths about converting your cat to better food

If we want to teach a cat to eat good food, we can, unfortunately, harm it by reaching for nutritional myths. Here are a few of them:

  • Starvation diet – we do not starve when teaching a cat to eat better food. They do more harm than good.
  • Mixing dry and wet food should be avoided because the types mentioned above of food behave differently in the digestive process, making the cat feel painful. If you choose to use dry food, crush it into dust and sprinkle a little over the wet food or meat for the sake of smell, not taste.

How do I switch my cat to better food?

Trying to teach a cat to eat better food, we must not force him to convince him to change. The conversion process may differ with each cat, but the tools are always the same. They should be approached flexibly and adapted to the needs of our pets. Some cats take days to convert to a portion of better food, others months.

Ways to convince your cat to eat better food:

  1. Tasting the food
    Not only do dry food producers know how to convince a cat to eat. Freeze-dried meat such as Cosma, fillet sauces, flavor spreads, raw meat, raw or powdered yolks – there are many ways to encourage your cat to eat a portion of better food. It is enough to mix the feed with one of your favorite flavors.
  2. Change in the consistency of the feed
    Most good foods come in the form of luncheon meat that contains more significant ingredients. If the cat you care for is a fan of patties, it may arouse a particular disgust in him. The way to do this is simple, add a little warm water and blend the food or mash it up with a fork.
  3. Reheating the food
    Heating the wet food will make it smell more intensely, making it more attractive to the cat. I always add warm water to emphasize the smell and provide the cats with more fluids.
  4. Awaken the cat’s instincts
    There are no catches below the waist when teaching a cat to eat correctly. Start playing with your cat while maintaining the correct hunting cycle, so after playing, put a bowl of food for him.
  5. Different flavors of wet cat food
    If your cat is not convinced by the first good wet food you have bought, it is worth trying with other producers and flavors. In this case, it is worth looking at the mixed flavor packets in cans of 200 grams to find out in a cheap way which tastes your cat will like. Your cat doesn’t need to change its tastes; it won’t feel monotony, so you don’t have to buy and open 20 cans simultaneously. It would help if you found a weakness in his taste buds that you will use to convince him to switch to a better diet.
  6. You can make cat jelly.
    It is enough to buy a chicken and cut it into small pieces with the bones. Put everything in the pot and then pour water over it to cover its contents – leave it for 30 minutes. Then add a flat tablespoon of salt, stir and bring to a boil. After boiling the water, take the pot off the fire and remove the foam. Then we keep the stock on low heat for 8-12 hours so that the water does not bubble. After this time, remove the pot from the heat and pour the contents through a fine strainer. All the chicken micronutrients remained in the stock, which we put in the fridge for several hours. It will make jelly, and the fat will settle on top of it. You can put it in the freezer for later. You can give this jelly to your cat as a treat or add some food. Remember never to share your pet’s cooked bones. At high temperatures, their structure changes, resulting in sharp edges when biting, damaging internal organs.

How to Switch Your Cat From Dry Food to Wet Food

Switching your cat from dry to wet food is often more complicated but achievable.

Step 1: First, take dry food out of the house, as cats will be able to smell it even with the cupboard closed. If you don’t, your pet will likely perform effective emotional blackmail, after which you will break down and give him dry food. If that happens, hunger strikes will become more frequent.

Step 2: Dry foods are high in carbohydrates, and the digestion process is different from that of tall meat cans. Therefore, your cat’s body may experience a shock when it suddenly digests a whole meal.

If this is the case, it makes sense to start with wet foods that are bad or average to gradually introduce your cat to the world of wet food. In this step, we do not feed dry food.

If an amateur of dry food does not want to eat even at a grocery store, it is worth sprinkling the wet food with crumbs – only for the smell.

Step 3: Once your cat starts eating mediocre wet foods, it’s worth starting to add a symbolic amount of your target, high-monthly can. Even half a spoon is enough.

Step 4: Increase the proportion of target food proportionally until it makes up the bulk of the meal. There is no need to hurry and let the cat’s gourmet dictate the pace.

Step 5: Elimination of transitional feed favoring feeding only the targeted fluff.

Don’t be afraid of it if you need to take a step back. You have to choose the lesser evil to achieve your goal with some stubbornness. Temporarily giving an average wet food will be preferable to a crispbread diet.

What if the cat refuses to eat even weak wet food?

An alternative is to switch from a dry food with a high carbohydrate content to one with significantly less carbohydrate and then to wet food.

How to teach a cat to eat better quality food 2022

How to switch your cat from low wet food to high meat fluff

Changing your cat from poor wet food to better-wet food is usually more accessible because the cat already knows the consistency, and the cat’s body is used to this diet. Of course, there will also be stubborn ones who will be dependent on carbohydrate-induced insulin high, and the digestive system may not be able to cope with the sudden jump to a healthy diet.

Step 1: If you feed your cats with market foods such as Whiskas, Gourmet, or Felix, which are some of the worst, start mixing them with mid-range foods (even half a spoon is enough). They include, among others, Dolina Notice, Animonda Carny, Butchers.

You can also try switching your cat to higher-end food right away. If the cat eats, monitor the litter box for any revolutions. If everything is fine, you managed to switch your cat to better food in the first step. On the other hand, start mixing feeds if there is a cuvette revolution (step 1).

Step 2: If your cat has become accustomed to medium-sized maintenance foods, it is worth taking the next step to add a high-monthly can to meals. In the beginning, again, a small amount, e.g., a teaspoon, to then increase its proportion in the bowl.

Step 3: Elimination of average cat food in favor of a delicious maintenance food until 100% of the meal is made up of it.

How to teach a cat to eat dry food

Here the matter is the simplest – you should not teach your cat to eat dry food as it is harmful.

What to do when permanent starvation occurs?

This will be your final argument. Equip yourself with your favorite treat. It can be a sauce, filleted food, or freeze-dried meat.

If the cat initially refuses to eat and rebels – feed it at least every 12 hours so that its digestive system has something to do – this will help avoid adverse metabolic effects when switching.

What else is worth remembering when teaching your cat to eat better food?

  • Regularly replace any uneaten food by the cat. Please pay particular attention to it on hot days and at times when the food contains a refill of water.
  • On hot days, cats eat less, so changing your diet when a few weeks of heat is planned maybe even more difficult.

Summary of how to switch your cat to better food

Teaching your cat to eat better food is not a sprint. It is usually a marathon. Due to the sensitivity of the cat’s digestive system, it is better to take small steps and even step back once if necessary.

The number of steps and methods will vary depending on the starting situation of the student, and it is not worth sticking to them at all costs. The most important thing for you to observe:

  • is the food disappearing from the bowl
  • there are no cuvette revolutions during changes in the diet,
  • whether there have been any changes in the cat’s behavior.


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