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My paws are full – Why do cats wander? **2022 Suggestions!

Whether the cat is outgoing or not, they have one thing in typical cat wandering. We may think that cats are bored and walk around the house or disappear for a few days. However, cats ‘shit is programmed into them because terrain control is essential for these predators’ survival.

Why do cats wander?

The statement that cats wander or wander leads to one conclusion – we don’t understand cats. Cats are unique animals that combine majesty with the intellect of a predator. Cats instinctively patrol their area several times a day, whether it is a home for indoor cats or an area of ​​several kilometers for outdoor cats. They do this because their food (rodents, birds, or a bowl of food) and their reproductive capacity are located in this area.

What do cats do when controlling their terrain?

During such inspections, cats inspect every corner of their territory and smell. This is very important, because thanks to the aromas, they can tell if there is a rival who wants to take over his area, if someone passed this way, and what other threats may be lurking in the area. The cat needs to be worked out to defend the terrain at worst. It’s also worth taking a look at your closest neighbors, who may not be strong enough to protect their territory. In the case of castrated males, their walks are much shorter because the average distance they move is about 1 kilometer from the house.

Of course, things are a bit different with domestic cats. The cat will check every corner, every smell, and usually, can safely return to the lair. The cat must have access to the entire home (as long as it is safe) as it is under stress if it cannot check that its territory outside the door is in good condition.

In both cases, the cat also signifies its presence in the region, which tells other animals that it is better not to get close.

cats wander

Searching for a partner

I favor castration/sterilization of cats and kittens, but it is worth discussing this topic to get to know cats better. Uncastrated males can walk several kilometers to find a partner. The cat often passes through other animals’ territories, streets, or other dangerous places during this journey. It also happens that a male has to fight competition for a female.

On the other hand, during estrus, females stay relatively close to their territory, e.g., home, to give birth relatively safely. However, the entire act of feline intercourse can last several days, which means that cats can also disappear for longer.

Hunting in your territory

Of course, you cannot forget the moment of pleasure that is hunting a cat for a toy or, for example, a rodent. Compared to their more prominent family, e.g., lions, cats hunt alone. They do not waste their energy running after the victim but persistently wait to catch them with one jump. This can be seen very clearly when playing with cats at home. We very often wave the fishing rods or throw the ball next to the cat so that it can deliver a killing blow with one move.

However, hunting for living organisms is not as fast and problem-free as for toys. The cat must approach silently and then wait a few or even several dozen minutes without moving, ready for the victim to approach. It happens that the ambush for which the cat spent 60 minutes turned out to be a fiasco, and you have to search for a new trail again and wait for the perfect moment.


Contrary to appearances, cats have their paws full of work while cats wander. This is not just walking around but working out every clue. There is also a considerable problem with outgoing cats, which we want to teach to live at home for their safety. An outgoing cat that cannot enter its territory experiences a great deal of stress as it is being taken away from the land it has fought for and where it can fill its belly while hunting. The issue of outgoing and indoor cats is very complex, and many dependencies affect whether or not we should risk a cat’s life by releasing it unprotected.

In the case of indoor cats, we must remember that if we provide a room to a cat at least once, we must give it systematically because it already belongs to the cat’s territory.

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