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Pet Sitter & Cat Sitter – Is it worth using professional care? **2022 Update!

Pet Sitter & Cat Sitter: Even though it’s been a long time since I used the services of professional cat keepers (you know, the crown), today I would like to come back to this topic. Is it worth employing a professional to care for a pet? How to find a good pet sitter? How much is it?

Cats are maintenance-free, and you can leave them at home alone during the trip. Yes and no, because it all depends on:

    • the character of the cat (how he tolerates loneliness)
    • diets, e.g., if they only eat wet food, it’s hard to top it up
    • medications (how often, in what form)
  • the length of our trip (I try not to leave Nikon unattended for more than 24-28 hours, i.e., for one night)

If your cat likes to travel and you have the option to take it with you, you can always consider going with your cat (you can read here about trips with the cat,  walking the cat on a harness).

Pet Sitter & Cat Sitter

Advantages of professional cat care

  1. Professionalism. An absolute pet sitter knows animals, knows how to administer drugs, and will know when something is wrong, and you need to go to the vet.
  2. Confidence. Caring for pets is a job. I cannot imagine they will not come on the agreed day or arrange a replacement for himself.
  3. I pay, and I require. It may sound dry, but when you hire an outsider, you can ask them for things we wouldn’t dare ask family or friends. A warm soup for a kitty or massaging the tummy. Every cat owner probably knows what I mean.
  4. Insurance and liability.

Disadvantages of using petsitting

  1. Many people are afraid to leave the keys to their home or apartment with strangers. I do not share this concern, but I understand it. That is why it is so important to find a trusted cat sitter.
  2. The cat does not know its guardian. It will not be a problem for every pet, but the more distrustful and fearful ones may feel better with the person who visits them frequently and with whom they associate.
  3. Professional care, like any other service, costs money. How much precisely – more on that later.

What to look for

If you want to take advantage of professional cat care, it is worth paying particular attention to three issues. First of all – sign the contract and check the data on it. Second, evaluate the contact with the pet at the introductory meeting. You should see right away if something is wrong and your petsitter evokes extreme feline emotions. Third, one would like to check the reviews on the Internet, but I am aware that many of them may be fake. Still, I would go through them, see the tutor’s responses, and make my assessments. You can also ask other fond friends or ask about a petsitter in numerous cat groups.

Pet Sitter & Cat Sitter 2022

Petsitter – how much does it cost

An hour-long visit of a professional catsitter, including feeding, cleaning the litter box, and playing, costs about 13 $. During the holiday season, it may increase to even 25 $. It all depends on when we sign the contract and the number of cats.

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