Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix Breed Information, Character & Lifestyle (2022)

shiba inu german shepherd mix
shiba inu german shepherd mix

Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix: Choosing a Shiba Inu German shepherd mix dog is excellent for people looking for a small, gentle dog. If you’re considering this breed for your own family, here are some things to know before getting one. Read on to learn about their Characteristics and Dietary Requirements, as well as their Life Expectancy. Then decide whether it’s the right dog for you!

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Dietary requirements

A Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix’s dietary needs vary depending on age and activity level. The diet should contain 20 percent protein and two to three cups of high-quality dog food daily. It should receive at least two cups of clean, fresh water daily. This breed is prone to obesity, so regular grooming and feeding are essential. The diet should include a meat-based source of protein, as well as a source of fat.

The Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix is a medium-sized dog that can withstand various climatic conditions. They have two-layered fur and are highly adaptable to climatic changes. While some Shibas are small and more suited for apartments, the Gerspans are generally large and heavy, making their dietary requirements a bit more complicated.


The Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix is considered the best known of all hybrid dogs. Its intelligence, good looks, and quick learning ability make it an excellent watchdog or guard dog. Although this breed is small, it is obedient and has excellent guarding skills. Unlike other species, it does not shed hair on furniture. The dog also needs moderate exercise and will do well indoors or in a yard.

This lively dog has a dual-breed look. Its long, slender body is in the middle of the Shiba Inu and German Shepherd. The long ears and slightly drooping tail show German Shepherd parentage. This dog is ideal for the country as it needs constant supervision and can detect wild animals and climatic changes. Its large ears are one of its distinguishing features.

Health issues

It is essential to have your Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix examined regularly by a veterinarian. While some health issues are treatable and can be managed at home, others can cause severe problems for your dog. To ensure optimal health for your Shiba Inu German shepherd mix, follow the steps below:

Dogs such as Shiba Inu German Shepherds require a lot of activity to keep them healthy. Physical activity should be a part of their daily routine. Take them to a lake or a dog park to let off some steam. But remember that these dogs can become overweight and have heart problems. You can address this problem by bringing your dog for a walk or jogging weekly.

German Shepherds are generally healthy, but their health problems are often the fault of poorly informed breeders. The most common health issue affecting German Shepherds is Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, otherwise known as bloat. If your Shiba Inu is diagnosed with GDV, it will experience an onset of weakness in the affected limb. As a medium-sized dog, it will also need regular checkups to ensure good health.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of Shiba Inus and German shepherd mixes vary from ten to fifteen years, although some may be much longer. The Shiba Inu breed can live to be about 40 pounds and weigh up to sixty pounds. They are both active and energetic and have lived up to 15 years. Depending on the genetics of the dog breed, their lifespan can range from 10 to 14 years.

The life expectancy of a Shiba Inu and German Shepherd mix depends on the parent dogs. Generally, they live between eight and fifteen years, depending on their health. However, Shiba Inus are much likelier to live longer than German shepherds. Moreover, Shiba Inus and German shepherd mix puppies are more likely to live longer than large dogs. While large dogs live longer than small ones, Shiba Inus are not as prone to serious health problems.

shiba inu german shepherd mix
Shiba Inu German shepherd mix

What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Shiba Inu German Shepherd mixes have very high prey drives, meaning they naturally desire to hunt small animals. Their high prey drive can make socialization difficult, but they are brilliant and independent. Unless you’re weak-willed, they’ll lead you wherever they go. Here’s what you need to know before adopting a puppy from a breeder.

Despite their fierce looks, the Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix is an energetic, loyal, and playful dog. While they can be aggressive with other dogs, they are great companions and are suited for families. A Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix puppy will need constant supervision if you live in a rural area. It will also need plenty of exercises to keep its energy levels up.

A Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix has a fox-like face. Its large almond-shaped eyes have a darker tone around the pupil and outer ring regions. Their eyes are not too harsh against dark shades and are a perfect match for children and other domestic pets. Their active lifestyle makes them an excellent choice for busy families. They will love their new family members, and owners will adore their energetic nature.

A Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix is a rare breed, so if you’re interested in adopting a Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix puppy, you must take the time to find a reputable breeder. Not only will you find a healthy, loving puppy, but you’ll also be able to socialize the pups early on in their lives. Socializing your puppy will help reduce its tendency to be aggressive later in life.

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Men tend to be heavier than women regarding Shiba Inu German Shepherd mixes. Shepherd Inus range in height from 19" to 22" in length. Strong and quick, Shepherd Inus are a great breed. Robust and long-lasting, their bodies are constructed for both.

German Shepherd x Shiba Inu hybrids are sometimes referred to as "Shepherd Inus" due to their intellect and loyalty to both breeds.

An offspring of a Siberian Husky and a Shiba Inu. When compared to other typical Husky mixes, this one is prevalent. In height, the Shiba Husky is between 13.5 and 24 inches tall and weighs between 17 and 60 pounds.

It's safe to say that your Shiba Inu is a "playful" dog. Because of its lively and mischievous nature, your Shiba Inu may bite to express itself. Keep toys on hand for your Shiba Inu if this is the case, and reward it anytime it plays with them.

History of the Siberian Shiba Dog The Siberian Shiba is a relatively new breed, having descended from a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Shiba Inu. They, too, are a unique breed, having arrived in the United States about 60 years ago and are only now beginning to rise in favor.

The ship's fur is double-coated, making it extremely dense and, as a result, quite prone to shedding. Shiba Inu's fall and spring "shedding seasons" are officially recognized by the breed. On the other hand, Shiba Inu owners rapidly learn that their pets shed a lot throughout the year. Shibas don't require brushing regularly unless they have a long coat.

Regarding sizing, the Akita Shepherd is a relatively new mixed breed. As a result of their Akita and German Shepherd parentage, Shepkitas are expected to be on the higher end of the size spectrum. Most are between 75 and 120 pounds and between 24 and 28 inches tall from the shoulder to the top of the head.

Most German Shepherds have some degree of black markings on their coats. There is nothing but black in German Shepherds. Despite their differences in coloring, their coats are essentially the same.

The Shiba Inu and a fox lookalike are misrepresented when they are called Shibas. Although the Shiba Inu dog breed and the red fox share several face traits and emotions, these two species are not genetically connected.

The Shiba Inu is known to display his fiery side with other dogs and animals. Dogs, exceptionally intact males, can be a problem for him. Due to their innate hunting instincts and penchant for running around, most Shibas should never be left unattended.