Transferring Your Fish Tank Decorations to A Different Tank

You may have to move your fish tank decorations from one aquarium to another. You may need to move your fish tank decorations because you have outgrown the current tank. Or maybe you were given some used aquarium decor by someone else. You will need to follow specific rules to ensure the set fits in your tank no matter its reason.

Why all the fuss over aquarium decor transfer

Why not just take the ornaments out of one tank and drop them in the other? Why are there so many steps involved? Microbes are the main reason.

The decor in your fish tank has been sitting in the water for a long time. Even with the best cleaning, these ornaments can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Tank accessories with intricate carvings or rough surfaces are especially vulnerable. These microbes will find the perfect hiding place in the cracks and spaces between details, making it difficult to clean properly.

These microorganisms can be transferred to the new tank by simply taking out any decorations from the old tank. It will create a bacterial bloom which will make your fish very sick.

You should also be aware that new fish may become ill if they are not used to the microbes of the old tank. When transferring aquarium decor, it is essential to be prepared.

But bacteria isn’t the only concern. Squirtles can also be a problem. It is easy to spot a snail on an ornament, but their eggs are nearly invisible to the naked eye. You would need to prepare to introduce these snail eggs into the new tank. Once they get inside, they can be tough to remove.

Transferring Your Fish Tank Decorations to A Different Tank

How to properly transfer aquarium ornaments

Transferring tank decor correctly is not difficult. You must properly clean and disinfect the accessories to prevent any microbial transference. These are the steps you should follow:

    1. Take the item out of the tank and give it another rinse. This will help remove any larger particles from the tank to be cleaned properly later.
    2. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the ornaments. Remember that microbe colonies love the crevices and details of decorations, so scrub them well. You can wash the decor with plain water to remove any cleaned residue. This is an excellent way to get rid of any soap or detergent. No matter how thoroughly you wash it, the chemical residue left behind by soap and detergent can cause problems later.
    3. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the item, could you give it a final rinse with plain water? After cleaning the thing thoroughly, rinse it in plain water and dry it out. This is something that I always do when I wash my tank decor. The UV rays of sunlight can kill any microorganisms on ornaments. The ornament can be left in direct sunlight for up to an hour.

Now your fish tank decorations can be put in the new aquarium.

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