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Welcoming a new dog home. How to safely introduce a canine family member? *2022 Ideas

We are welcoming a new dog home. The arrival of a new dog in the house is associated with joy, excitement, and sometimes the fear of how best to introduce the animal to acclimatize to the new place quickly. Whether we look after a puppy or an adult dog, buy a dog from a kennel or adopt a dog from a shelter, you should think carefully about this decision and consider how the animal’s presence will affect our current life.

We need to answer questions such as whether we will find time every day to take care of the dog, take it for a walk, or train. Will we finance the veterinary treatment of the dog and subsequent care for the senior dog? What will our leaves look like – will we take the dog with us or organize care for him? Are we ready for many unknowns – surprises and sometimes also disappointments, because caring for a dog can be difficult in many respects?

A New Dog Home

If we consciously decide that we are ready for the first dog to come home with us, plan the moment of introducing the dog to our house. It is a difficult moment for the animal because the surrounding environment changes, everything is unknown, and it does not know its new owners yet. It is essential to primarily take care of the dog’s sense of security in these first moments in the new home.

Welcoming a new dog home
Welcoming a new dog home

What to do to make the dog feel good in his new place?

It is good to prepare a special place for a dog in the house, e.g., a bed situated in a quiet location in an apartment. There should also be toys in the house that the dog has access to, even if he doesn’t want to play with them at first. From the very beginning, we choose a place where the new dog in the house will eat and drink. The dog mustn’t be disturbed while eating. Feeling safe when your pet eats or drinks helps your dog feel comfortable in his new home.

How to make a playpen for a dog at home?

A dog kennel can prove helpful when the dog stays home alone. We want to make sure that it will be safe during this time. The kennel is limited by, for example, fences, a space in the house where the dog can freely move, play and sleep, and have access to water. It is safe there, but it also has limited access to stimuli that stimulate it, which can help young dogs calm down and fall asleep. In the case of a small puppy, he may also want to defecate in the playpen, so it is worth making sure that he has such an opportunity, mainly if he stays in it longer and in the absence of the guardian.
Using a playpen with a puppy is only a temporary tool that helps us ensure the dog’s safety, teach him the rules of the house, implement it in the rhythm of the new family’s life, and take care of his healthy precious sleep and rest.

Staying alone is the basis of training your dog at home. The house should be a resting place for the dog. It is better to propose your dog have fun and exciting fun outside during walks. Of course, we can work with the dog at home, but let the training sessions be concise and not stimulate the dog. It is better to focus your efforts on learning to rest than to build your dog’s eternal expectation of play and interaction. Dog games at home should calm the dog down rather than raise its emotional level. It’s good to offer your dog chews, olfactory games, or even to practice the basics of obedience rather than initiate ball chasing or intense jerking.

How to teach a dog to stay at home?

The ability to stay home alone is essential in training your dog*. We start by building the dog’s sense of security in the new home, and then we begin to accustom him to even a short stay alone, first in a separate room or other room at home, and then in the absence of the guardian. We strive to make the dog understand that the temporary absence is not traumatic, that this condition is quick, and the animal can rest during this time. We can offer your dog a teether or safe chewing toys, which will help your pet calm down and fall asleep.

Patience, forbearance, and an open mind are the essential things when bringing your dog home. It’s worth being ready to meet with a behaviorist who will answer all your questions and help us understand the dog’s behavior. The behaviorist will also help to prevent possible problems – training is then more straightforward, more effective, and becomes an absolute pleasure.

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