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What food for a British cat? **2022 New Update!

What food for a British cat? The health of every cat begins at the bowl, so every conscious owner wants to take care of the best diet for their pet. The British cat is the most prominent representative of short-haired cats and, at the same time, one of the most popular domestic cats. Which British cat food is right for you? Does the British cat have special feeding requirements?

History of the British breed cat – What food for a British cat?

The first official representative of this breed appeared in Poland in 1994 and thus began to spread its unique features. Of course, the world history of British cats goes back much earlier – their history dates back to ancient times. As for the home country of the so-called British or French fries (the common name of a British cat) is, of course, England, where the first specified breeding of this breed began in 1865.

They were to serve – as cats in those days – as protection of food supplies in the fight against rodents. They enjoyed great sympathy from the British. In the second half of the 19th century, people involved in cat breeding began to try to consolidate the best features of British cats, thus creating a charming national symbol of this breed.

The nature of the breed British cat – What food for the British cat?

British cats do not have a great need to go outside – they are homeowners (unless we neglect their home entertainment;)). To not be bored, they do not need a big house. A studio apartment with a mesh balcony and a caretaker who will play with them will suit them.

They are very cheerful and friendly cats – they do not shy away from places where something is happening. For them, the arrival of guests is an opportunity to look into other people’s bags and not a time to hide under the bed. They are very willing to “help” with cleaning or homework because they are usually very interested in the activities.

They learn quickly, so it is easy to learn tricks, e.g., coming on call, sitting down commands, or giving a paw. With the caregiver’s commitment, they find themselves in a new place without any problems and successfully socialize with other animals.

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Brits do not like loneliness, but they can as independent cats. They do not need constant attention from the caregiver, but they become very attached to him. Hence, they experience the separation very much.

British cat breed specificity – What food for a British cat?

Finally, we turn to the specifics of British cats’ nutrition. They are large pets that do not mind delicacies. They quickly learn to effectively persuade us to treat them cat treats or share our meal. For this reason, a large number of British cats are obese. The additional lack of exercise does not work to their advantage.

Therefore, we must focus on the appropriate selection of feed per day when feeding a British cat. Karma provides energy, and energy will accumulate as fat if not consumed. Therefore, the conclusion is that the British cat must drink the amount of energy (food) that it can use, e.g., through play movement.

An additional aspect is to provide the cat with adequate energy – to take care of the quality of the ingredients flowing from it. It means much high meat content is the better choice (more nutritious for the cat) than dry or grain food, which provides energy but little nutrients.

That the British cat, like any other cat – belongs to predators, carnivores. A proper diet for a carnivore on meat and the frequency and amount of food given should be similar to the natural preferences of cats. So it will be whole portions of a meat meal, served as often as possible.

Cat as a carnivore – What food for a British cat?

British cats are most comfortable on a meat-based diet. For this reason, the food given to the British must consist of meat in at least about 70%. Attention! Remember that your cat’s main meals must contain meat and not “meat and animal products.” The second case will mean lower quality ingredients than muscle meat and offal.

When choosing a feed, you do not necessarily have to follow a dedicated feed with the words “for the British cat breed” or “slimming food.” Usually, the products for cats categorized in this way have a poor composition (grains, sugars, etc.). And it is the composition of the pet food is more important than what is on its packaging!

How to choose good cat food correctly? Independent reading of food composition.

So what is the healthiest food for a British dog? It is a high-meat wet food described as wholesome and living (opposite complementary karma). In addition, as additional vitamins, you can give your cat raw or once a week powdered yolk (no worries, if we feed meat food – the raw egg is safe).

It is also good if the British cat eats pieces of raw meat several times a week. They ideally influence cleaning teeth from plaque – as opposed to dry food.

Then the excess of unused energy will not be stored in the form of fatty tissue. Of course, it is best if the food is not rich in carbohydrates – that is why all grains.

Why Grain-Free Cat Food?

What food for a British cat

Meat in the feed for the British

Ideally, cat food, including British cat food, contains meat in the first place in its composition. It is worth considering that “meat and by-products …” do not mean the same as meat because they contain low-quality waste from slaughterhouse production. When looking for good quality food, we ensure wholesome meat.

It is good if they are not predominant in the food when it comes to refuse. Too much of it can lead to diarrhea. Unfortunately, the producers do not always indicate the exact proportion of refuse in the feed. Usually, if we need a more precise number – animal nutritionists are the answer.

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Vegetables in the British cat’s diet are not necessarily. They professionally only when the cat has an increased need for fiber due to illness. The cat’s digestive system to the absorption of nutrients from meat-like predators. Hence, if plants are in the cat’s natural diet, this is the point when the hunted prey contains them in the stomach. These plants are often excreted in their feces because the cat’s short digestive tract cannot digest it.

It happens that producers of even high-meat best feeds add a small percentage of vegetables to the product. It encourages the purchase of doubters who are skeptical about the cat’s carnivorousness. Don’t worry – if your cat’s food does not contain vegetables, there is no need for you to add them.

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The only plant worth taking care of in a cat’s diet is cat grass, which reduces the likelihood of the formation of hairballs – colloquially known as “fluff,” which can be a threat to your cat’s health. Of course, their growth makes them challenging to expel.

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Cereals in the diet of cats (this is about rice-wheat, but also include legumes) appeared in the diet of cats only thanks to humans. The growing pet food market is a much cheaper ingredient to process than meat. For this reason, to reduce production costs, they as a filler – only in low-quality feed.

Supplements for the British cat breed

The British cat is predisposed to developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and heart disease. It consists of pathological enlargement of the left ventricle wall, sometimes in the interventricular septum. Therefore, the absorption of nutrients that can help your cat must be as high as possible.

Dry and grain foods have the lowest digestibility, while the best high-meat cat food. However, the decisive king of digestibility is diet BARFbased on austerity.

The food cannot lack taurine, which is crucial for the metabolism of the heart muscle by regulating the level of calcium.

For this reason, water is a vital part of the diet, ideally, with a meal. Of course, wet food is possible, but additional help will be bowling with freshwater placed in different house parts.

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Suitable food for a British cat

What is our suggestion for the healthy nutrition of a British cat? The products we chose to meet the requirements of:

  • At least 70% meat (not “animal products”)
  • High humidity. It is worth choosing wet food instead of dry food – why?
  • No grains or sugars
  • If there are vegetables – only the indicated amount
  • Balanced amount of offal
  • The right amount of taurine

What is the difference between the different breeds of food – What is the food for a British cat?

What is the difference between dedicated and high-meat feeds without specifying a specific breed? At first glance, we can assume that dedicated feeds will contain more good supplementation for a particular cat species. Unfortunately, the pet food market today is a bit more complicated.

The most popular foods dedicated to, e.g., British cats, are processed dry foods and those whose composition is not good quality. They do not resemble the composition of meat-based carnivore food. Food composition is the essential criterion for choosing a cat’s diet. Therefore, choosing high-quality meat food and grain-waste food with an increased taurine content “for British cats” – always choose a better quality meat food with a favorable composition because it has a better effect on the cat in the end.

Which cat food is the best?

If your cat (knock on) becomes ill or you want to introduce additional help in the form of a supplement to his diet – it is best to do it with a solid base – high-meat food or a BARF diet (and Whole Prey for the brave).

Additionally, a dietician will provide professional advice on supplementation and the diet basics.


The same applies to obese cats. Just because your cat is obese doesn’t mean you need to feed weight-loss food. Remember that slims the caloric deficit, limiting the number of calories to fit into a burning energy consumption daily. It’s great if you are feeding a nutrient-rich meat food and at the same time reducing the daily ration so that your cat sheds unnecessary fat. It is good if the carbohydrate content in this food is shallow so that all grains are eliminated by definition.

It is enough for your cat to lose weight.

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