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What food for a Maine Coon? ** New 2022!

What food for a Maine Coon? What are Maine Coon cats? How should their nutrition differ from that of cats of other breeds? Does the specificity of these giants require additional supplementation or specific ingredients in the feed? This step-by-step article will explain everything every owner of giant domestic cats should know. What food for Maine Coon hits the spot?

History of the Main Coon breed – What food for the Maine Coon

However, there are three main assumptions in the official history of the breed. The most interesting of them say that the Scandinavian Vikings’ species brought their native Norwegian forest cats with them during their trips to America. These, in turn, were to cross with the local cats, whose opinion was similar to today’s – large, hairy, and hellishly intelligent. The combination of native American and Scandinavian purrs gave rise to the Maine Coon breed – giant, domesticated cats.

Another story assumes that cats with a similar appearance to today’s Maine Coons have always appeared in America. Some argue that the highly fluffy tail of a Maine Coon cat is of unusual origin. It’s about crossing a cat and a raccoon! Of course, such a combination is not possible, but the fluffiness of raccoon tails and their intelligence can match the features of this large breed of cats favored by many.

The last story is more likely than that of raccoons. Native American males mate with cats that came to America from England during the first colonists’ expeditions. In this case, the Maine Coon breed was formed, among others, thanks to Angora and Russian cats.

Either way, the Maine Coon has been recognized as Canada’s national breed. In 1860, the first giant cat was shown to the public for the first time at an exhibition in New York. International Feline Federation (FIFe, the International Felinology Federation) recognized this breed in 1983. Since then, we have been able to buy a kitten in legal kennels registered with FIFe.

Maine Coon breed specificity – What food for the Maine Coon

It is a breed that matures a bit later than other cats, at the age of 3, with sexual maturity. Males weigh up to 9 kg, while females are smaller, from 4 to 6 kg. In recent decades, human interference with the Maine Coons has developed almost unbelievably and has become much more significant than their original version. The current record holder is Samson, the cat. It weighs nearly 13 kg and is about 120 cm long. Its owner is Jonathan Zurbel, who lives in New York.

Maine Coon is a semi-longhair cat described as a medium oriental type. The cat’s coat, or the coat, consists of two layers – the undercoat and the topcoat. The Maine Coon’s belly with the thickest layer of fur forms a characteristic ruff around the neck. The most common color is tabby, but all types are allowed. The feature noticeable at first glance are large, triangular, high-set ears, ending like a lynx with long brushes.

The nature of the Maine Coon cats

Maine Coon is a balanced, friendly, and pleasant cat. Of course, as long as his socialization and upbringing were correct, he quickly established contact with people. Despite its large dimensions, you do not need to be afraid of it. A gentle approach to the environment characterizes this breed. Easily adapts to new conditions thanks to a strong psyche. Maine Coon, feels good wherever there is his guardian. He accompanies his man in all everyday activities and would gladly perform all duties with him.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is cheerful, tolerant, patient, and understanding; instead, it avoids conflicts – it will work as a friend for slightly older children. The Maine Coon cat is also fond of petting and loves to play together. Indeed, he usually does not ask for joint activity, but he needs it very much, just like any cat—they have fun with a fishing rod during their feline hunting cycle.

The cat as a carnivore – What food for the Maine Coon

Maine Coons are carnivores – just like all other cats. For this reason, the feed given to the MCO must consist of at least meat about 70%. Please note that the product must contain meat and not “meat and animal products.” When choosing a feed, we must not necessarily follow the label that says “for the Maine Coon breed.” Usually, the products for cats categorized in this way have a poor composition (they contain grains, sugars, etc.). And it is the composition of the pet food is more important than what is on its packaging!

So what is the healthiest food for the Maine Coon? Of course, high-meat wet food. In addition, as part of additional vitamins, it is good to give your cat raw or once a week powdered yolk (no worries, if we feed meat food – the raw egg is safe). It’s also good if the Maine Coon eats pieces of raw meat a few times a week. They ideally influence cleaning teeth from plaque – as opposed to dry food.

The daily amount of food must go to the activity of the cat. Then the excess of unused energy will not be stored in the form of fatty tissue. Of course, it is best if the food is not rich in carbohydrates – that is why all grains.

Suitable food for the Maine Coon

Specifically – what is the best Maine Coon food? Without adding grains, each good high-meat food will work in your cat’s nutrition. In summary, a good product will include:

  • At least 70% meat (not “animal products”)
  • High humidity. It is worth choosing wet food instead of dry food – why?
  • No grains or sugars
  • If there are vegetables – only a tiny amount
  • Balanced amount of offal
  • The right amount of taurine

The following feeds meet these conditions:

What is the difference between the feeds for specific breeds – What feed for the Maine Coon

The most crucial thing in cat food is its composition. We should always start judging karma. Cats of all breeds and sizes share a common factor – their meals must consist of meat. Therefore, regardless of whether you are the guardian of a Maine Coon or a domestic beetle, be sure to pay attention to it when looking for suitable cat food.

If you already meet the basis of the Maine Coon’s diet – you serve him high-meat food – you can go to additional supplementation. Complete wet food contains all vitamins and minerals essential for the cat’s organism. If you decide to pass an egg or salmon oil, it will significantly affect the cat’s immunity and coat.

When it comes to Maine Coon fur, the proper nutrition will allow him to have a moisturized, pleasant-to-the-touch coat. If your cat currently has a problem with this topic, its skin and hair regeneration will accelerate fish oils, e.g., contained in pet food. Of course, this breed requires regular brushing – then, in addition to removing dead hair, the circulation around the hair follicles is stimulated, which additionally nourishes them.

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