What food for a Ragdoll cat? ** New 2022!

What food for a Ragdoll cat? How should their nutrition differ from that of cats of other breeds? Does the specificity of these majestic animals require additional supplementation or specific ingredients in the food? This step-by-step article will explain everything every owner of giant domestic cats should know. What food for Ragdoll hits the spot?

The history of the Ragdoll breed – What food for a Ragdoll

The 60s of the last century is a time that every fan of the species. It was then, in California, that the first litter of Ragdoll cats was born. Their breeder was an expert on Persians and Balinese cats, Ann Baker.

Ann ran a detailed breeding plan to select the most desirable traits of the modern Ragdoll cat: obedience, gentleness, and devotion to the handler. Rumors have it that the progenitor of the breed was a white, roofing kitty Josephine, which with a Burmese cat. Kittens from their litter were supposed to be highly trouble-free. However, the assumption that the breed was born by chance is quite bold.

What is a high-meat diet?

Unfortunately, cats were initially inbred. The careful preservation of the desired feline characteristics led to the registration of the first Ragdoll cat. It happened at the end of 1966, and the first legitimate representative of the race was named Dady Warbucks.

Ann Baker, a cat breeder, knew perfectly well how popular kittens with unusual friendliness could become. In 1975, the name Ragdoll and the International Ragdoll Cat Association immediately afterward. Its head was, of course, the originator and “mother” of the race. Ann’s ambitions guided other breeders who strictly followed the guidelines and rules for breeding a Ragdoll cat.

Working with the breed’s creator was difficult, which is why the Ragdoll breed has almost disappeared. We owe her survival to two breeders, Laura and Danny Dayton.

The character of the Ragdoll breed – What food for a Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll is a perfect cat, which is what the breed’s ideal. It is said to be a trouble-free cat. Ragdolls are much quieter than other cats, not particularly fond of bouncing over bookshelves, and a wild run around the house leaves cats instead with a different disposition. Mean, of course, that Ragdoll cats do not encounter behavioral problems.

Taking care of themselves outside the litter box means that the cat has been severely stressed or is under stress due to the pain. It is a problem that arises in domestic cats. The same is true when scratching furniture or jumping on the counter. If we do not fully know how to meet the behavioral needs and diversify its life, each breed may be a problem.

Returning, however, to the characteristics of a Ragdoll cat – he adores his guardian. He has a particular predisposition to live with a person who is suitable to him. He loves caresses and having fun, which he does not lose. For this reason, it is worth taking care of its movement and well-being with toys for cats.

The name “ragdoll” literally means a rag doll. Because this cat’s body goes limp when it may seem strange, it just means giving in to many caregivers. Ragdolls also love cuddling!

Ragdoll is not very mobile and temperamental, so that it can be a pet for senior citizens. It that this pet is also an ideal cat for children. However, kids often ignore the limits set by a cat, and it is difficult for a ragdoll to defend himself. Therefore, it is worth teaching your children about the cat’s body language early.

A catfishing rod – why is playing with it necessary?

Ragdoll breed specificity – What food for a Ragdoll cat

The average life expectancy of this breed is 15-16 years. They have a broad chest and medium-length fluffy hair. It does not have an undercoat and is easy to care for if we teach the kitten to watch from the very first moments with us. The color of this cat is very diverse, but point mitted is one of the characteristic colors of the Ragdoll. It is a color combination most associated with Ragdoll.

Ragdoll’s eyes are oval, set wide apart, with a gentle expression. They have an intense blue color. The ears are pretty large, finished with brushes. Ragdolls for a muscular, large body are not petite kitties.

Interestingly, Ragdoll kittens are completely white right after birth. Only after some time, their hair takes on its target color. We can see the final appearance of the cat at the age of 2-3 years—likewise, the target cat’s weight to the age of 4. However, due to the cat’s low activity – its weight requires exceptional control because if the kitten overeats, he will back up too quickly. Maintaining the right balance between your cat’s body fat and muscularity is essential. A healthy cat has well-felt and developed muscles, but the fat is noticeable.

The cat as a carnivore – What food for Ragdoll

Ragdolls, like all cats, are carnivores – so they require a meat-based diet. For this reason, the feed given to a Ragdoll must consist of at least meat about 70%. Remember that your cat’s main meals must contain meat and not “meat and animal products.”

When choosing a feed, we must not necessarily follow the label that says “for the Ragdoll breed” or “slimming food.” Usually, the products for cats categorized in this way have a poor composition (grains, sugars, etc.). And it is the composition of the pet food is more important than what is on its packaging!

So what is the healthiest food for Ragdoll? Of course, high-meat wet food. In addition, as additional vitamins, you can give your cat raw or once a week powdered yolk (no worries, if we feed meat food – the raw egg is safe).

It is also good if the Ragdoll eats pieces of raw meat several times a week. They ideally influence cleaning teeth from plaque – as opposed to dry food.

Then the excess of unused energy will not be stored in the form of fatty tissue. Of course, it is best if the food is not rich in carbohydrates – that is why all grains.

Supplements for a ragdoll cat

Products that prevent the formation of hairballs serve the necessary prevention. It is essential in long-haired breeds. Remember to immediately go to the veterinarian with your cat if you notice symptoms such as:

  • Lack of activity, pain positions
  • Fatigue with vomiting, the so-called fluff
  • Constipation
  • Problems with bowel movements
  • Osowiałość, posmutnienie

The consequences can be dire if the cat “clogs up” with hairballs. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out proper prophylaxis against hairballs, i.e .:

  • Brushing the cat
  • A moist, meat-based diet
  • Keeping active
  • Access to grass for cats
  • Giving an additional supplement, e.g., Vet food – Anti Hairball 100 g

What about Ragdoll’s hair? If we feed him with sufficiently high-meat food, but his coat is still not as soft as we believe it should be – we can eat additional products. It is perfect if our pet’s food contains fish oils. If it doesn’t, we can give it to the catfish delicacies acceptable for consumption by cats. Omega 3 and 6 oils contained in fish significantly affect the hair coat. The egg mentioned above yolk also has a good effect on the skin.

Ragdoll’s appropriate feed

Specifically – what is the best food for Ragdoll? Without the addition of grains, each good high-meat food will work in your cat’s nutrition. In summary, a good product will include:

  • At least 70% meat (not “animal products”)
  • High humidity. It is worth choosing wet food instead of dry food – why?
  • No grains or sugars
  • If there are vegetables – only a tiny amount
  • Balanced amount of offal
  • The right amount of taurine

The following feeds meet these conditions:

Can a cat eat raw meat? – we discover the facts!

What is the difference between the feeds for specific breeds – What is the feed for the Ragdoll?

The most crucial thing in cat food is its composition. We should always start judging karma.

Cats of all breeds and sizes share a common factor – their meals must consist of meat. Therefore, regardless of whether you are the guardian of a Ragdoll or a domestic beetle, be sure to pay attention to it when looking for suitable cat food.

If you already follow the basis of the Ragdoll diet – you serve him high-meat food – you can go to additional supplementation. Complete wet food contains all vitamins and minerals essential for the cat’s organism. When you decide to pass an egg or salmon oil, it will significantly affect the cat’s immunity and long hair.

When it comes to the fur of a ragdoll cat, proper nutrition will allow it to have a moisturized, pleasant-to-the-touch coat. If your cat currently has a problem with this topic, its skin and hair regeneration will accelerate fish oils, e.g., contained in food or treats. Of course, this breed requires regular brushing – then, in addition to removing dead hair, the circulation around the hair follicles is stimulated, which additionally nourishes them.

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