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What to feed a little cat? ** Best Little Cat Food In 2022!

With the arrival of a little cat in our home, we are responsible for its health. Adequate nutrition is the basis for development and functioning, so the question “What to feed a little cat?” appears in our head first. The article below is about kittens that have already lived more than four weeks, so their mother’s milk ceases to play the primary role in nutrition and solid food. Please find out how much to feed your toddler to provide informed care.

Why does what we feed the toddler affect his other life? – How to feed a little cat?

Kittens up to about four weeks of age focus their nutritional needs around mother’s milk. It (as long as the mother ) provides them with everything that makes them develop very quickly. When the kittens are about a month old, the first significant change comes into their lives. Attempts to eat solid food begin. Their proper development, possible further diseases, or eating habits depend on quality and quantity.

The better the toddler, the better his brain and psyche will translate into his behavior. Adequate height, weight, and development of the skeleton and organs also depend on healthy eating. The whole thing will give us a healthy, dynamically growing toddler, focused only on getting to know the world and dealing with its novelties. Even if the quality of his nutrition drops in the years to come, what he benefited from as a toddler will do him good.

What ingredients must a junior food contain? – How to feed a little cat?

Cats are born carnivorous. Their first food, right after their mother’s milk, is meat. This meat usually consists of a previously hunted rodent or bird. Additionally, Konica-Matka does not grind the food of her little ones. Instead, they have to learn to use trim (but already sharp) teeth. Step after they start learning to eat – learning to hunt also begins. Cats are carnivorous predators.

We are a bit gentler in our homes. Instead of whole food, we usually give our kittens ready-made food. Unfortunately, due to the differences in the awareness of producers – not every food will have the essential ingredient for a cat. We are talking about meat.

As the staple of a predator’s meals, meat is the main element of good karma. To determine if a specific brand guarantees our cat meat, we read the ingredients and turn the food can.

Good food for a toddler, as well as for an adult cat, must contain, first of all, approx. 70% of meat (not animal by-products) and taurine. Low-quality food will be by the composition that includes grains and sugars. These are the basic rules for choosing good baby food. Thanks to this, we will provide our kitten with the best digestible proteins and fats of animal origin. The ingredients contained in them are the best that a carnivore can eat.

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What is better to feed? Dry or wet food? – How to feed a little cat?

The current queen of cat food is high-meat, wet food. It has gained its high status among cat keepers for a reason. In addition to good composition, it is also similar in moisture to natural cat meals. Cats are animals that consume most of their water from food. Therefore, a moist diet is the best option for adequate hydration.

The moisture content of wet food is also associated with its low processing. To dry food could appear on store shelves – a lengthy production process is needed, which makes it highly processed food, just like rice wafers or crisps. Drastic processing of dry food reduces its absorption by the body. For this reason, when subjected only to the cooking process, wet food gives the cat more benefits and (if it has a suitable composition) belongs to a healthy cat’s nutrition. Therefore, dry cat food is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

In conclusion, it is better if the basis of nutrition is high-meat, wet cat food. There is no need to give it to a toddler. Dry food is good; however, if he or she cleans his teeth from an early age, biting a raw piece of meat for some time. Learning to prevent tartar in this way will come in handy later in your cat’s life.

How often to feed a little cat?

Some people used to say as often as the kitten wants. We do not recommend feeding “on-demand” as it can become a habit. Therefore, the cat, and later – an adult cat – will wake us up at night or early and force us to eat. It should also not be allowed to overload the cat’s tummy. When they are complete, babies always have round bellies, but their excessive stretching (so that it resembles a tennis ball) is not comfortable for an overfed toddler. Even though it was he who brought himself to this state :)

We feed the kittens at least 5-6 times a day at regular intervals. While they drank their mother’s milk, their meals were more frequent. Adult cats also eat more or less the same when hunting. A cat’s stomach to take small but frequent meals.

Summary – What to feed a little cat?

Healthy eating is a pillar of a cat’s health. Therefore, it is good to feed your little cats wet food with a meat composition from the beginning. We give our little one a piece of raw meat a few times a week for tooth cleaning training. Approx. we can also serve him once a week yolk (Raw is the best option, but powdered egg yolk can make a good addition.)

We feed our little one regularly, at least 5-6 times a day. The amount of food is approximate, but your toddler should eat more than less. Usually, well-developing kittens eat as much (or more) as adult cats. However, it is essential not to overload the cat’s stomach with too large portions, administered once.

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