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What to feed pomeranian dogs? [2022 Best Update]

The Pomeranian Spitz is a petite pup with a cheerful disposition. The nutrition of Pomeranian on providing him with the right proportion of protein, fats, and a small number of carbohydrates from good quality sources. Proper food balance and the supply of all nutrients help this pooch maintain physical and mental health and keep his coat in perfect condition. What is worth paying attention to when choosing nutrition for Pomeranian?

Pomeranian, breed history – what to feed Pomeranian dogs?

People who disregard Pomeranians, associating them only with “purse” dogs, certainly do not know this! Spitz is one of the oldest dog breeds. Their origin can also make you proud – dogs of this breed from the Arctic wolf or the peat dog that lived about 6,000 years ago. They have come a long way before they end up in human homes, where they. In the past, Spitz was famous mainly in the countryside. Often kept in terrible conditions, they served people in various ways.

The Miniature Spitz, i.e., the Pomeranian, is closer to our sites than it may seem. Its name (Pomeranian) comes from Pomerania, i.e., Pomerania in Polish (a historical land in Poland and Germany, at the mouth of the Reknica, Oder, and Vistula rivers to the Baltic Sea). This breed comes from Germany.

Pomeranian breed specificity – What to feed a Pomeranian dog?

Pomeranian dogs have a lot of energy, and their amusing feature is their always smiling face. The appearance of the calm mascot is only appearances – this dog learns tricks very willingly (and quickly). He readily participates in dog sports, such as agility or dancing with the dog. The most active dogs have the highest energy requirements. However, regardless of whether you are exercising with your dog or just actively playing with him – take care of carefully satisfying his needs for nutrients.

Pomeranian likes to be the center of attention. Although he will not always tolerate strangers, he does need tender care and regular care. It is said to be a single guardian’s dog. He has relatively low housing requirements, so he will not be bothered by living in a studio apartment. The most important thing is that he should have the proper daily exercise.

This doggy can get along with the child, provided that he respect the dog’s boundaries, which he communicates through body language. It is worth considering that the Miniature Spitz is much more refined and more delicate than other Spitz (on average, it weighs as much as a cat), so it is easy to injure, even in an unexpected way.

What should the Pomeranian diet be? – What to feed a Pomeranian dog?

Recommendations for the nutrition of a Pomeranian dog change as knowledge about nutrition increases. Once upon a time, especially in villages, Spitz had to survive on what of human tables. Then, however, they bravely endured the nutritional experiments for dogs at court. The moment the Miniature Spitz lost its hunting instinct, it could no longer feed by hunting small animals, as its cousins ​​did.

FEDIAF (The European Pet Food Industry) defines today’s dietary recommendations and provides a solid foundation for a healthy way of feeding furry pets. The terms contain the amount of protein, fat, and other ingredients a dog’s diet should have for the best results.

pomeranian dogs

The easiest way to feed a Pomeranian is to give him complete wet food. Some people still eat dry food, but we do not recommend this type of food as a health food store for pets. For the best digestibility of the food, it mustn’t be heavily processed – and it is dry food that is one of the most processed products for animals.

It is worth considering what the feed for a Pomeranian is. It will mainly be meat and a small number of giblets and vegetables.

Meat in feed for Pomeranian

Ideally, the pomeranian dog food should contain meat in the first place in its composition. It is worth considering that “meat and by-products …” do not mean the same as meat because they contain low-quality waste from slaughterhouse production. When looking for good quality food, we ensure wholesome meat.

It is good if they are not predominant in the food when it comes to refuse. Too much of it can lead to diarrhea. Unfortunately, the producers do not always indicate the exact proportion of refuse in the feed.


Vegetables in the Pomeranian diet are a source of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. These dogs are carnivores, but unlike cats, they can take their nutritional value from cooked or grated vegetables. The vegetables in the food complete a meat meal. Cereals?

After the trend of feeding dogs rice with chicken, you are surely wondering what role cereals play in a dog’s diet: Rice, pasta, and wheat in feed as the cheapest filler. Like products with many carbohydrates, they quickly fill a dog’s belly. However, it is not about the quantity of the product, but about its quality. Therefore, vegetables will be a much better complement to the feed. In addition, rice is the most common allergenic ingredient. So remember that your dog’s food does not have to contain grains.

Store Food Alternatives – What to Feed Your Pomeranian Dog?

Remember that the Pomeranian diet must contain a certain amount of nutrients and their balance. Therefore, it is worth using the BARF / RAW diet guidelines for dogs when deciding on a home diet.

It is on raw or cooked (cooked BARF) meat and offal and grated or cooked vegetables. For this nutrition to be wholesome – we have to supplement it ourselves. Of course, we do not do it “by eye,” but by knowing proper supplementation of dog food. If we do not want to learn about this topic – the critical aspect is the support of an animal nutritionist who composes recipes for mixes for our little ones.

Adequate home diets for Pomeranians require knowledge and time to prepare them, but they pay off many ways. First of all, we choose the ingredients for our pet’s meals, thanks to which we can compose the diet perfectly to our pet’s needs. Significantly sick dogs will benefit from such a diet, of course, under the supervision of a dietetic and veterinarian.

Examples of suitable feeds – What to feed a Pomeranian dog?

Our proposition for pomeranian dogs is delicate, high-meat, grain-free food. It is perfect if the food has a short composition and no more than two types of protein – thanks to this, in the case of allergies, we will quickly determine what makes our little one allergic and what sources of protein to avoid.

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